Lazy Susan (2020)

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Susan has always been the self-centered oddball in her family who lazily skated through life with their begrudging support until one day she wakes up to realize she’s middle-aged with no job, no relationship, and an increasingly estranged family. She finally decides to take charge and turn things around, but never having done anything herself before, the struggle is real (and hilarious) as Susan becomes the woman she always wanted to be, all on her own.

"Lazy Susan" is a 2020 American funny movie directed by Nick Peet with an unique premise that centers around a never-do-well female, Susan, who is played by actor Sean Hayes. The film provides a gender-bending lead role as Hayes, known for his role in "Will & Grace", depicts the life of a lethargic, selfish, and unmotivated lady who starts to recognize the negative effect of her lackadaisical technique to life.

Plot and Characters
The story of "Lazy Susan" follows Susan O'Connell, a lady who seems perpetually stuck in a rut. She runs out work and lives her life aimlessly. Susan's days consist of watching TV, sleeping, and spending quality time in her local cafe. Her absence of ambition and duty stands in plain contrast to her family and friends, who seem to have their lives relatively in order.

Susan's family includes her mother, played by Margo Martindale, who is caring however progressively dissatisfied with Susan's absence of effort. Her successful brother and his other half, who are irritated by Susan's mooching ways, are likewise central figures in her life. The movie also introduces viewers to a selection of odd characters from Susan's world, each with their peculiarities and obstacles, who add color and humor to the narrative.

Throughout the course of the film, we see Susan's interactions with these characters gradually force her to face her own drawbacks. Whether it's the exasperation from her household or the expectations from society, Susan's eyes slowly open up to the fact that her lifestyle is unsustainable and emotionally damaging to those she loves.

"Lazy Susan" discuss styles of self-improvement, obligation, and the significance of organizing one's life. The comedic set-up permits the film to check out these problems in a light-hearted way, however it likewise offers a poignant take a look at solitude, the worry of failure, and the battle to find function.

The movie's humor often originates from the absurdities of Susan's existence. Her strange accidents, deadpan delivery, and the paradox of her condition all contribute to the comedic element. Nevertheless, the humor is balanced with tender minutes that show the lead character's vulnerability and the possibility for individual development.

Hayes' portrayal of Susan is both amusing and earnest. He manages to bring a level of empathy to a character that might easily be dismissed as just a caricature. The performance is nuanced, preventing excessive shenanigans, and focuses on highlighting Susan's relatable human characteristics.

Supporting performances amplify the movie's comedic element, with the cast providing their roles in a way that highlights the movie's satirical evaluation of a modern-day society that frequently values productivity over individual well-being.

Critical Reception
"Lazy Susan" got blended evaluations from critics. Some applauded the film for its distinct technique to storytelling and for Hayes' performance, while others criticized it for a lack of depth and for not completely exploring its potential. It was frequently kept in mind that while the premise was innovative and consisted of minutes of informative funny, the execution in some cases failed.

In summary, "Lazy Susan" provides a distinctive comical take on the life of a woman at a crossroads. The film uses an uncommon protagonist and a non-traditional narrative to tackle themes of personal growth and obligation. While it may not hit the mark for all audiences, "Lazy Susan" stands out due to Sean Hayes' devoted performance and its determination to poke fun at social norms in a light-hearted, if not entirely efficient, manner.

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