Les soeurs Hamlet (1998)

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At long last, the two Hamlet sisters are allowed to go to Paris by themselves, and the discotheque they have heard about beckons. When the driver for their ride home becomes too drunk to drive, they cannot reach their mother by phone, and it is too late to take the last train back to where they live, they are stranded in town. The girls, who are themselves partly of Algerian descent, are accosted by a disreputable looking older Algerian immigrant, who tries to give them cash so that they can take a taxi back to their homes. They are afraid of him and try to get away from him. He apparently accepts this, but trails them without calling attention to himself. It is good that he does, for they soon run into real trouble, and then they find out that despite his frightening appearance, he means them well.

Movie Overview
"Les sœurs Hamlet" is a French comedy movie directed by Abdelkrim Bahloul. This 1998 release functions Isabelle Carré and Emma de Caunes as the lead starlets. The 1-hour movie explores the life of 2 siblings - Victoire and Marie - who are allured in familial mayhem and unconventional upheavals. Their father's love for theater and their star uncle's shenanigans contribute to the plot's essence, therefore making it a wonderful comedy-drama.

Plot Synopsis
"Les sœurs Hamlet" revolves around 2 sis named Victoire and Marie Hamlet. Residing in a town, they run the family drape store and attempt to put up with their eccentric household. Their daddy is an absent-minded old guy, who comes in and out of his dementia, while their uncle is a not successful actor obsessed with the play "Hamlet".

In a peculiar series, their uncle, choosing to bring Shakespeare to the provincial town, arranges a production of Hamlet. As he is preparing for the upcoming occasion, his clothes disappear unexpectedly. The sisters decide to assist him out by developing and sewing outfits for the play using the resources from their drapery shop.

Dramatic Developments
Right when the town is agog about the play, unexpected occasions begin unfolding. The household receives the news of the unanticipated demise of their granny. As dictated by the granny's will, they are supposed to mourn her death for 3 years, avoid celebrating anything, make their home a location of grieving, and use black clothes just.

Being devoted to their granny's last wishes, they start mourning, however not prior to making the story a lot more complex. They choose to keep her death a secret up until the Hamlet play is over, fearing it might interrupt the production. They continue with the play preparation, and as the farce unfolds, they handle between the mourning routine, the theater practice session, and the remarkable secrets.

Conclusion and Aftermath
The grand day shows up, the play is put on stage, and its reception by the spectators turns out to be a mess because of amateurism and the shaky plotline of the staging. Nevertheless, in spite of the misfortunes, the 2 siblings succeed in performing their functions remarkably well. The film ends on a dramatic note as they inadvertently reveal their dead grandmother while taking a last bow.

Character Analysis and Themes
"Les sœurs Hamlet" is a tale of the Hamlet sisters' coping system amidst hardship and turmoil. It incorporates the fragile bond of sisterhood, the struggle for survival, and the uncertainty of life. The film radiates a consistent venture to balance the mundane with the extraordinary and the profound coherence that binds their lives intricacy. The test of their resilience, their ethical dilemma, and their torment laced with humor form a fascinating blend.

The characters, penned by Bahloul, resonate an extensive understanding of human feelings, and their journey through the plot reinforces the narrative's depth. The movie's comedic essence is well-tuned with the delicate undertones, thereby depicting an ideal mesh of drama and laughter.

Last Thought
"Les sœurs Hamlet" is not just a funny movie but a great representation of life's endless tryst with humor and drama. It artfully speaks about the power of such paradoxes and how they form human habits, making it a must-watch for cinematic enthusiasts who take pleasure in intricate plots with comedic aspects.

Top Cast

  • Emilie Altmayer
    Sonia Hamlet
  • Bérénice Bejo (small)
    Bérénice Bejo
    Karine Hamlet
  • Colette Nucci
    Mme Hamlet
  • Mouloud Tadjer
  • Fabrice Centeno
  • Boris Terral (small)
    Boris Terral
  • Gad Elmaleh (small)
    Gad Elmaleh
  • Philippe Ferrand
    Directeur Télécom
  • Gilles Lellouche (small)
    Gilles Lellouche
    Serveur Boîte
  • Juliette Steimer
    Cliente boîte
  • Bourlem Guerdjou