Life Is Short (2006)

A comedy about a short guy who, at the behest of his crackpot life coach, leaves his perfect girlfriend to pursue his dream of being with a tall woman.

Introduction and Plot
"Life is Short" is a 2006 American brief funny movie composed by Gary Janetti and directed by Riki Lindhome. The plot revolves around the protagonist called Carl Rovic, a lovable man who is a little person, played by Eddie Pepitone. The film is centered on Carl's battles and problems to fit in the tall-people's world, a metaphor for social norms.

Carl works as a telemarketer, where he faces day-to-day difficulties and bias due to the fact that of his more-direct direct exposure to the world's bitter truths. The movie uses the elements of funny to depict his struggles, making it a great mix of humor and reality.

Characters and Humor
The film fittingly presents the characters with skill and clearness. The protagonist, Carl Rovic, is an earnest employee, a caring sweetheart, but has a personality loaded with misery which he artfully hides utilizing humor. Carl's sweetheart, Beth, represented by Naomi Grossman, is a reckless and motivating lady who stands by Carl throughout hardships. The film also presents a dwarf therapist who has self-acceptance concerns, including another comedic component to it.

The humor is subtle, informative, and filled with puns having underlying significances that amplify Carl's everyday obstacles. The clever play of words and amusing dialogues make it an amusing and laughter-filled experience for the audience, camouflaging the serious undertone of societal pressure and bias.

Style and Message
"Life is Short" is filled with metaphors that subtly hint towards the social stereotypes and the excessive pressure on a private to suit them. The film draws a parallel with the 'height' as a representation of social norms and Carl's continuous battle to live up to them. The movie basically is a satirical commentary on society, matching the bias and expectations that come with being 'different.'.

The movie's main message rings loud and clear: self-acceptance and the courage to live life by yourself terms. Carl's character embodies this message as he navigates through his expert and romantic life. He slowly finds out to accept his circumstance, making the very best out of it.

Cinematic design and Ending
The cinematic design of "Life is Short" is sensational, keeping the audience engaged with its special storytelling technique. The film utilizes visual humor, such as scenarios that stress the height difference between characters to magnify the comical scenes.

The film's ending has a touch of emotional resonance where Carl ultimately learns to accept his individuality, and stop trying to suit the requirements set by the society. He loses his task, and Beth breaks up with him, yet, he handles to discover a silver lining. He begins to welcome himself, the truth, and discovers to have control over his responses and reactions towards unfriendly scenarios.

In summary, "Life is Short" is an allegorical movie that remarkably uses humor to address grave problems like societal bias and stereotypes. It's all about life, acceptance, and the courage to measure up to one's uniqueness, where the 'height' is merely an automobile to provide a thought-provoking message. The film ends on a positive note, leaving its viewers to ponder over their perceptions and judgements.

Top Cast

  • Samm Levine (small)
    Samm Levine
  • Seth MacFarlane (small)
    Seth MacFarlane
    Dr. Ned
  • Riki Lindhome (small)
    Riki Lindhome
  • Alexis Bledel (small)
    Alexis Bledel
  • Kim Director (small)
    Kim Director
  • Elizabeth Tulloch (small)
    Elizabeth Tulloch
  • Whitney Cummings (small)
    Whitney Cummings