Logan Lucky (2017)

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Trying to reverse a family curse, brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan set out to execute an elaborate robbery during the legendary Coca-Cola 600 race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The title "Logan Lucky" describes two siblings, Jimmy and Clyde Logan, hailing from West Virginia. The 2017 film, directed by Steven Soderbergh, is a heist-comedy movie where the apparently cursed Logan brother or sisters plan a sophisticated robbery to break their streak of bad luck. The screenplay by Rebecca Blunt thoroughly fuses comedy and drama.

Main Plot
Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum), a separated dad, loses his task due to insurance coverage concerns over a cured leg injury. His sibling Clyde (Adam Driver), a bartender with an amputated arm, thinks their family is cursed with bad luck. Jimmy plans a heist at the Charlotte Motor Speedway throughout the Coca-Cola 600, a huge yearly Memorial Day race where he formerly worked. The strategy is to exploit the Speedway's pneumatic tube money delivery system, which Jimmy observed throughout his time as a construction worker.

Assembling the Team
In order to manage the heist, Jimmy employs the assistance of Clyde and their sis, Mellie (Riley Keough), as well as incarcerated safecracker Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) and his equally unusual siblings, Sam (Brian Gleeson) and Fish (Jack Quaid). The plan includes breaking Joe out and back into the prison without anybody knowing he was ever gone, a task in itself that comes with a huge selection of its own comic incidents.

The Heist
The robbery plan goes into motion during the Coca-Cola 600 race. The break-in is carried out efficiently though not without unforeseen hurdles. While Mellie drives the trip automobile, Jimmy gets caught underground, and Clyde deliberately gets himself returned to jail to offer himself an alibi. When Joe also gets back into prison undetected, the next stage starts: to stay low.

After-effects and Conclusion
After the heist, thinking they took more cash than they confessed, the FBI starts investigating the heist but their search ends up unproductive due to the absence of proof. The brothers return the excess cash while splitting all the agreed-upon shares. In a twist in the end, it is exposed that they did not return all the stolen cash, however they had concealed a few of it and split it amongst themselves.

General Review
"Logan Lucky" is both a skillfully crafted break-in movie and a comedy about Southern, blue-collar characters that contrasts to the suave dark-suited wrongdoers usually portrayed in heist movies. The film includes periodic commentary on economic desperation, class discrimination, and stereotypes, but eventually, it is a cleverly built, vibrant, and fun heist movie that keeps audiences engaged with its unexpected twists. Its humor originates from the intricacy of the plot and the peculiarities of the characters, and the hosts of vibrant characters keep these procedures sprightly and fun. The film is captivating in its absence of pretentiousness, straightforwardly delighting in its down-to-earth associations, thereby making its connection to the audience all the more powerful.

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