Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (1926)

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Mame Walsh promised their mother on her deathbed to look after little sister Janie. But Janie helps herself to everything of her sister's, be it her clothes or her men - even the money entrusted to her by fellow employees at the store they work at. Regardless, Mame can't break her promise. So when it comes to getting Janie out of trouble, big sister comes to the rescue.

"Love 'Em and Leave em'" is an American quiet movie released in 1926, directed by Frank Tuttle. Produced by Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation, the film's screenplay was penned by Townsend Martin and John V.A. Weaver. The 70-minute long comedy-drama is based upon a play composed by George Abbott and John V.A. Weaver. The movie stars some of the accomplished actors of the quiet age - Evelyn Brent, Lawrence Gray, Louise Brooks, and Osgood Perkins.

The story revolves around two siblings, Janie (played by Louise Brooks) and Mame (played by Evelyn Brent), who have strikingly various characters. While Mame is the hardworking and devoted one, Janie is vivacious and flirty. They both work at Brierly's Department Store. Mame works as a clerk while Janie works as a stenographer. Mame is in love with Bill (played by Lawrence Gray). She even saves her money for a desired vacation journey with Bill.

In a twist of events, she's incorrectly implicated of stealing the cost savings fund of the girls' recreational company that she oversees. While her reputed character conserves her from possible damage, her cost savings end up being utilized to replenish the taken amount. As an effect, she has to cancel her holiday plans.

On the other hand, Janie dancing vivaciously at a charity event draws in the attention of Bill, leading him to develop a fascination with her. While Mame is away, Janie exploits her sibling's trust, gradually seducing Bill.

Dispute and Resolution
Among the significant remarkable occasions occurs during a secret party thrown by Janie while Mame is away. An unexpected call from the next-door neighbors forces the party to end abruptly. In panic, Bill leaves behind his overcoat, which Mame discovers later on. Mame faces Janie, causing a quarrel in between the sisters, with Janie confessing to her intents with Bill.

In the climax, Janie exposes to Bill about Mame's selfless act related to the missing funds. This leads to Bill admiring Mame's nobility and recognizing Janie's flippant nature. Expense eventually breaks up with Janie and states his love for Mame, fixing the siblings' relationship.

Efficiency and Visual Appeal
The stars in the film deliver engaging performances. Evelyn Brent, as the logical and selfless Mame, efficiently records the audience's empathy. Louise Brooks, with her captivating screen presence, creates a believable flapper character in Janie that successfully contrasts with Mame. Lawrence Gray does justice to his character, Bill, who transitions from being naive to an understanding person.

The film also appeals visually, showing the normal flapper culture of the 1920s. It catches the essence of the era with its premiere style statements, lifestyle, and unique dance forms.

"Love 'Em and Leave 'Em" is a lovely vintage comedy-drama that checks out the dynamics between contrasting characters and the impact of values and attitudes on relationships. Through the twisted tale of love, deceit, and realization, the movie provides a fascinating image of the 1920s societal shift. Its precise representation of the era's zeitgeist combined with the sharp narrative makes it a noteworthy entry in the quiet movie period.

Top Cast

  • Evelyn Brent (small)
    Evelyn Brent
    Mame Walsh
  • Lawrence Gray (small)
    Lawrence Gray
    Bill Billingsley
  • Louise Brooks (small)
    Louise Brooks
    Janie Walsh
  • Osgood Perkins (small)
    Osgood Perkins
    Lem Woodruff
  • Jack Egan (small)
    Jack Egan
  • Marcia Harris
    Miss Streeter
  • Edward Garvey
    Mr. Whinfer
  • Vera Sisson (small)
    Vera Sisson
    Mrs. Whinfer
  • Joseph McClunn
    August Whinfer
  • Arthur Donaldson
    Mr. McGonigle
  • Elise Cavanna
    Miss Gimple