Love Locks (2017)

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Lindsey Wilson first found love in the romantic city of Paris when she was a university student studying art there. Now, twenty years later, she is returning to the City of Light to take her daughter on an adventure there. With a little inspiration from the city's famed "love locks" on its scenic bridges, the adventure proves to be a journey of romance and rediscovery for the divorced Lindsey when she reconnects with her college flame in Paris and finds that her first love just might be the lasting love of her life after all.

"Love Locks" is a 2017 romantic drama film directed by Martin Wood and starring Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell. The movie is influenced by the Parisian tradition of attaching lockets to the Pont des Arts bridge as a symbol of love. Set versus the backdrop of Paris, the film follows a lady's journey as she confronts her past and rekindles a love from 20 years earlier.

Plot Summary
Lindsey Wilson (Rebecca Romijn) is a dedicated art editor for a New York magazine and a single mom to her teenage daughter, Alexa (Jocelyn Hudon). When Lindsey is provided a task to cover the historical love lock tradition in Paris, she decides to check out the city with her daughter. Upon arrival, they are welcomed by Lindsey's college roomie and long time friend, Kathryn (Karina Logue).

While checking out the city and collecting details for her article, Lindsey states the story of her vibrant love with Jack (Jerry O'Connell), an aspiring artist whom she met and fell for throughout her time in Paris 20 years back. The 2 enthusiasts had actually connected a love lock on the Pont des Arts bridge, representing their dedication to each other. Nevertheless, life took them in different directions, resulting in Lindsey's go back to the United States and her ultimate marriage to another guy, who later on became her child's father.

By opportunity, Lindsey runs into Jack at an art gallery in Paris, and it is exposed that he has gained success as an artist. The encounter reignites their sensations for each other and the 2 reconnect over shared memories and discussions about their past. On the other hand, Alexa establishes a romantic connection with Jean-Michel (Douglas Sills), a French artist she satisfies while wandering around the city.

As Lindsey and Jack end up being closer, they revisit the Pont des Arts bridge, where they are surprised to find that their love lock has actually been removed due to upkeep. The rediscovery of their love and the absence of the lock on the bridge prompt Lindsey and Jack to question their previous decisions and the instructions of their lives.

Conflict and Resolution
While Lindsey and Jack both feel drawn together, they each face their own internal battles. Lindsey faces the guilt of her unsuccessful marital relationship and the effect it has actually had on Alexa, while Jack questions whether he can participate in another severe relationship after his previous heartbreak with Lindsey.

Eventually, both Lindsey and Jack decide to face their fears and provide their love another chance. Lindsey submits an article to her publication, integrating the story of the love lock tradition with her personal experience and romance with Jack. At the exact same time, Alexa decides to pursue her own imagine ending up being an artist and accepts a scholarship to study in Paris, therefore remaining in the city with Jean-Michel.

Themes and Reception
"Love Locks" explores styles of love, fate, forgiveness, and the power of 2nd chances. The appeal of Paris, its history, and culture, serve as the perfect backdrop to check out these styles, while the love lock tradition highlights the power of love to endure across time and range.

The movie received combined reviews, with some critics applauding its captivating performances, stunning settings, and heartwarming story. Others criticized it for its foreseeable plot and an over-reliance on clich├ęs. However, "Love Locks" remains a popular romantic drama film that provides a motivating and touching story about 2nd chances and the power of love.

Top Cast

  • Rebecca Romijn (small)
    Rebecca Romijn
    Lindsey Wilson
  • Jerry O'Connell (small)
    Jerry O'Connell
    Jack Burrow
  • Bruce Davison (small)
    Bruce Davison
    Hugo Blanchet
  • David Julian Hirsh (small)
    David Julian Hirsh
    Trent Greer
  • Jocelyn Hudon (small)
    Jocelyn Hudon
  • Benjamin Sutherland (small)
    Benjamin Sutherland
  • Linda E. Smith (small)
    Linda E. Smith
    Kathryn Daltry
  • Melissa Toussaint (small)
    Melissa Toussaint
    Maggie Parnell
  • Guy Sprung (small)
    Guy Sprung
    Sketch Artist
  • Amber Goldfarb (small)
    Amber Goldfarb
  • Mathieu Samaille
    Desk Clerk