Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder (1997)

Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder Poster

Based on a true story, this film recounts the story of Diane Zamora and David Graham, two high school sweethearts who swear to always be together, even as they enter separate military academies. But when David confesses he had an affair with a classmate, Diane has an ultimatum, leading the two into a murderous pact with severe repercussions.

Movie Overview:
"Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder" is a 1997 TV movie directed by Richard A. Colla and written by Steven G. Long. It is a crime-thriller movie based upon an infamous criminal offense including high school lovers in Texas, U.S.A.. The movie stars Holly Marie Combs, David Lipper, and Cassidy Rae.

The Story:
The film plot centers on Diane Zamora (Holly Combs) and David Graham (David Lipper), two ambitious and smart high school students. Both Diane and David sport an amazing academic record and desire for military professions. Diane is a patriotic young woman wishing to be a Naval officer, while David is a professional athlete and an aspiring pilot at the United States Air Force. Their shared enthusiasm for military careers induces a strong bond in between the 2-- a relationship that quickly escalitates into a romantic relationship.

The Love Triangle:
Their love seems ideal till the arrival of Adrienne Jones (Cassidy Rae). David's quick sexual encounter with Adrienne causes Diane to lose her sanity in jealousy and rage, pushing David to make a drastic choice to earn her forgiveness. Diane, overwhelmed by anger and betrayal, pushes David into making a homicidal pact: to kill Adrienne.

The Murder and its Aftermath:
They together conspire and perform murder for a twisted sense of love and commitment that only they understand. They manage to develop a facade of normalcy in their every day lives but continue to harbor the horrible trick. However, their regret and worry begin to bring in the attention of their respective military academies; suspicions rise.

Investigation and Outcome:
Local law enforcement agencies initially have a bumpy ride resolving the murder case but ultimately start piecing together the events, leading them to Diane and David. Confronted with strong evidence, David cracks under pressure and confesses the crime. Diane is also arrested, and both are charged with capital murder.

The extensive examination reveals that it was not merely an act of senseless killing however a purposeful premeditated murder committed by two "golden" teens. Their fixation with each other and toxic love cause an abhorrent crime. They were not victims of circumstance, rather developers of their failure.

The film ends with their prosecution and the irony of their loss. The future which they so longed for, filled with patriotic service, honor, and love, ends up being a dream they shattered themselves. The ambitious cadets rather become cold-blooded murderers, trading their appealing future for a life time in jail.

"Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder" is a raw and realistic portrayal of love gone terribly wrong, of aspirations twisted into the darkest expressions of human habits, and of how high school infatuation wound up in a deadly criminal offense. The efficiencies by the lead actors are good as they bring these infamous characters to life, offering a cooling insight into one of America's a lot of notorious teenage crime cases.

Top Cast

  • Holly Marie Combs (small)
    Holly Marie Combs
    Diane Zamora
  • David Lipper (small)
    David Lipper
    David Graham
  • Cassidy Rae (small)
    Cassidy Rae
    Adrianne Jones
  • Gary Grubbs (small)
    Gary Grubbs
    Carl Baker
  • Kurt Fuller (small)
    Kurt Fuller
    Tom Green
  • Dee Wallace (small)
    Dee Wallace
    Linda Jones
  • JoAnna Garcia (small)
    JoAnna Garcia
  • Joanna Canton
  • Chad Carlberg
  • Jack Landry
  • Karyn Beach