Making of Chicago (2002)

TV Special celebrating the Oscar winning film 'Chicago' directed by Rob Marshall and interviews included the stars of the film - Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Gere, Queen Latifah, John C.Reilly and Rob Marshall illustrated with clips from 'Chicago'. The presenter and interviewer was Mariella Frostrup and the program was shown on Channel 4 and Film 4 in early 2003 when the film was generally released in the U.K.

"Making from Chicago" is an extensive behind-the-scenes documentary film launched in 2002, recording the essence of the Broadway-inspired and Academy Award-winning movie, "Chicago". This documentary supplies an intriguing journey of how the spectacular adjustment of the 1975 Broadway musical came onto the silver screen.

Scope and Content
Throughout its runtime, the documentary showcases the careful procedure of changing "Chicago" from its stage format into an engaging movie. It covers the scriptwriter's insurmountable task of harmoniously putting together music, dance, and script, and records the casting process where the elite cast consisting of Renée Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Richard Gere were selected. The actors explain their psychological preparation for their roles and how they adapted to the concerns of singing, dancing, and acting.

Staging and Choreography
Fascinatingly tape-recorded are the comprehensive staging and intricate choreographing of the movie's unforgettable routines, which were a mix of seduction, enthusiasm, and crime-filled drama. The movie pays tribute to Bob Fosse, the original choreographer of the Broadway musical, through his renowned design duplicated in the motion picture.

Instructions and Production
The "Making of Chicago" throws light on the efforts of director Rob Marshall, his vision for the job, and his decision to unite all cinematic elements harmoniously. Noteworthy are his efforts in weding music, drama, and dance into a seamless story - a feat that later on amassed him an Academy Award election. Manufacturer Marty Richards shares insight into why it took him more than twenty years to turn the musical into a film, detailing the various obstacles and eventual complete satisfaction of the successful outcome.

Music and Sound
A substantial part of the documentary is dedicated to the crucial function music plays in "Chicago". It explores the wedding rehearsal process for the iconic songs and highlights the efficiency of the proficient orchestra. These moments display just how much devotion and precision entered into perfecting the music that played such a critical function in the movie.

Set Design and Costume
Even more, the documentary delves into the intricacy of the movie's set design and outfit creation. It explores the 1920s setting, creation of ambience, and details about costumes that assisted improve the authenticity of the characters and their environments.

Reception and legacy
The "Making of Chicago" advises audiences why "Chicago" emerged as a milestone in the genre of musical films. It reviews the movie's grand success, including its 6 Academy Award wins. The documentary serves as an important look for fans of the film and those thinking about the elaborate procedure of film-making. It offers a glimpse into the imaginative minds at work and the cumulative effort associated with crafting such a dazzling piece of cinematic art.

The 2002 documentary "Making of Chicago" offers a comprehensive view into the development of the Oscar-winning movie, "Chicago", from its initial conception to the final product. The film serves as a case study in film production, providing behind-the-scenes insights and commentary from the cast and team, which shed light on the devotion, persistence, and skill required in the film-making industry. Whether audiences are fans of the motion picture or just thinking about the creative procedure behind filmmaking, this documentary is both inspiring and informing.

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