Margaret (2011)

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A young woman witnesses a bus accident, and is caught up in the aftermath, where the question of whether or not it was intentional affects many people's lives.

Title: Margaret
"Margaret" is a 2011 American drama film that was composed and directed by Kenneth Lonergan. Despite its release year, the film was shot in 2005 but delayed owing to disagreements between Lonergan and the movie's manufacturers during the editing process.

Plot Summary
The narrative centers on Lisa Cohen, a 17-year-old New York City high-school trainee (played by Anna Paquin), who unintentionally triggers a bus accident that results in the death of a pedestrian. After her world is tossed into turmoil, she begins a journey filled with regret, teenage angst, and the look for reality.

Story Breakdown
Lisa ends up being indirectly accountable for the bus mishap after she distracts the driver by attempting to get his attention. The bus strikes Monica Patterson, a lady who subsequently passes away in Lisa's arms, leaving the teenager traumatized, guilt-ridden, and struggling to come to grips with the reality of the scenario.

Lisa initially lies to the cops, declaring the accident wasn't the motorist's fault. This triggers her to face an ethical dilemma as regret and remorse drive her to look for justice for Monica. Lisa and her single mom, actress Joan (played by J. Smith-Cameron), have a complex relationship, even more complicated by Joan's developing love affair with a Columbian entrepreneur, Ramon (played by Jean Reno), which Lisa feels bitter.

Fight for Justice
Overwhelmed by guilt, Lisa decides to reveal the reality to Monica's best friend and cousin, Emily (played by Jeannie Berlin). Together, they submit a claim versus the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, placing Lisa on a quest for justice which ends up being incrementally complicated by their adult years's harsh realities, household dynamics, and the judicial procedure.

School Life and Relationships
Parallel to her defend justice, Lisa's school life is represented, highlighted by a possibly improper relationship with her mathematics teacher, Mr Aaron (played by Matt Damon), and a tenuous romantic entanglement with schoolmate Paul (played by Kieran Culkin). These relationships add further intricacy to Lisa's world, reinforcing the theme of complicated shift from teenage years to the adult years.

Resolution and Conclusion
The film ends mayhem and tension, with Lisa eventually losing her suit and the opportunity to bring the bus motorist to justice. This humiliating defeat, combined with her confounding individual life, leads to the expulsion of her suppressed feelings in a cathartic ending. It's just when Lisa goes off to college, shedding her past and her city, that she begins to find some semblance of closure.

Total Review
"Margaret" is a deep expedition of regret, morality, and maturation set versus the background of post-9/ 11 New York City. The movie got blended reviews from critics but acquired a cult following for its careful evaluation of the human condition, impressive efficiencies particularly by Anna Paquin, and the piercing portrayal of a teenager's disoriented navigation through distressing events. Noteworthy is the commendable instructions of Lonergan, who brilliantly cast his character in ethically uncertain tones, even more magnifying the drama and emotional dispute of the narrative. In spite of its lengthy belated release, "Margaret" sticks out as a poignant coming-of-age film, riddled with components of tragedy, morality, and truth.

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