Marriage on the Rocks (1965)

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Ad-agency president Dan Edwards goes to Mexico to celebrate his nineteenth wedding anniversary and winds up getting divorced by mistake, whereupon his wife Valerie marries his best friend Ernie Brewer by mistake.

Plot Summary
"Marriage on the Rocks", released in 1965, is a timeless romantic comedy starring Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr, and Dean Martin. The film focuses around the life of a middle-aged marketing executive called Dan Edwards (Frank Sinatra) and his partner Valerie (Deborah Kerr).

Dan and Valerie have been wed for numerous years, with their relationship becoming significantly mundane and stuck in regular. Not able to handle the foreseeable, uninteresting life, Valerie asks Dan to revive the love and spontaneity in their marriage. They embark on a trip to Mexico, where unexpected comedy ensues.

Major plot twist
Their common lives get tossed into mayhem when, in an unanticipated turn of occasions, an innocent night out lead to a surprise Mexican divorce. To contribute to the confusion, Dan's suave best friend Ernie Brewer (Dean Martin) tags along on the journey. Unaware that the divorce is genuine, Ernie tries to cheer up Dan by going through a mock wedding ceremony with Valerie to lift his spirits. Nevertheless, they are shocked when they realize that their wedding is lawfully binding!

Life after the mix-up
Post the unexpected wedding, the film sets out Ernie's problem in handling domestic life, consisting of handling Valerie's children from her very first marital relationship (to Dan). On the other hand, Dan appears to be living his finest life as a newly single male and delighting in pursuits which he couldn't when he was wed.

The Climax
Nevertheless, underneath that exterior, Dan grapples with solitude, echoing the great line between independence and seclusion. Both Dan and Valerie begin questioning their existing lifestyles and start pondering their decisions. While Valerie finds Ernie's carefree way of life tiring and craves her earlier safe and secure, love-filled life with Dan, Dan understands the value of his family and yearns to reunite with Valerie.

In an amusing, yet emotionally charged twist of events, Valerie and Dan trap Ernie in a similar unintentional divorce circumstance, leading the initial couple to remarry, bring back balance to their lives. The movie concludes with the couple renewing their swears and uncovering love for each other while Ernie winds up inadvertently married to a dancer.

Structure and Style
"Marriage on the Rocks" is an amusing tale with an unique mix of classic Hollywood beauty and 1960s modernity. The film masterfully presents marital problems, maintaining a light-hearted tone. Though the movie often utilizes slapstick funny, it still handles to portray major life lessons about love, marriage, and household.

Important Reception
Upon its release, the movie got blended actions, however as time passed, it gained popularity due to its amusing script, excellent cast performances, and its exploration of complex adult relationships. The movie has actually since been commemorated for its comical take on the timeless grass-is-greener tale, making it a renowned traditional among the fans of the genre.

"Marriage on the Rocks", with its subtle commentary on marriage and divorce, uses a humorous yet abundant perspective on the institution of marriage, the significance of household, and the value of preserving balance in relationships. The movie shows that the success of a marriage depends completely upon understanding, valuing, and constantly readapting to each other's needs and changes throughout life. This traditional usages humor to remind us of the old saying - we truly do not understand what we have up until it's gone.

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