Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)

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Arthur Bishop thought he had put his murderous past behind him when his most formidable foe kidnaps the love of his life. Now he is forced to travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best, make them look like accidents.

"Mechanic: Resurrection", launched in 2016, is the sequel to the 2011 film "The Mechanic", a high-octane action thriller. The film is directed by Dennis Gansel, including Jason Statham, who repeats his role as the hit man Arthur Bishop.

Plot Overview
"Mechanic: Resurrection" resumes with Arthur Bishop leading a quiet and retired life in Rio de Janeiro after leaving an assassination attempt three years earlier. His tranquil life is interrupted when he becomes the target of an arms dealer called Riah Crain (played by Sam Hazeldine), who desires to use Arthur's lethal abilities for his gain.

Bishop needs to perform three difficult assassinations, making them look like mishaps, to conserve the love of his life, Gina (played by Jessica Alba), kidnapped by Crain. Gina, at first sent by Crain to trap Bishop, falls in love with him, and they both are entangled in Crain's vicious strategy.

Action-packed Adventure
From planting a bomb under a prison swimming pool in Malaysia so a found guilty gets sucked into the ocean bottom, to scaling the dizzying heights of an Australian high-rise to remove a human trafficker, the movie portrays Bishop's knowledge and precision in performing the assassinations and escaping unscathed, unconventionally utilizing his environments as tools.

Defeat of the Antagonist
Bishop successfully carries out the two specified tasks however rescues Gina instead of carrying out the third assassination. Their pursuit then leads to a last face-off between Bishop and Crain on Crain's massive, armed private vessel. Bishop surpasses the ship, kills Crain's guards, and eventually drowns Crain.

The motion picture ends with Bishop faking his death, leaving behind his life as a mechanic and promising Gina a life away from threat and violence.

Crucial Reception
"Mechanic: Resurrection" attract action enthusiasts, with its stunt-filled sequences, fancy combating scenes, and high-rise obstacles. Nevertheless, critics have actually frequently seen the movie as focusing on action over plot and character advancement. Despite that, Jason Statham's efficiency and the film's non-stop action typically make it an amazing watch.

All in all, "Mechanic: Resurrection" is a light, action-driven movie that offers a lot of pulse-pounding scenes. Jason Statham, in his aspect as the experienced yet stoic assassin, along with an intense rating, and awesome visuals add to making this play a thrilling watch for an action motion picture fan. While the plotline and character advancement might not be its greatest suit, it more than compensates with its scintillating action and an ending which leaves scope for further extension of Arthur Bishop's exhilarating experiences.

Top Cast

  • Jason Statham (small)
    Jason Statham
    Arthur Bishop
  • Jessica Alba (small)
    Jessica Alba
  • Tommy Lee Jones (small)
    Tommy Lee Jones
    Max Adams
  • Michelle Yeoh (small)
    Michelle Yeoh
  • Natalie Burn (small)
    Natalie Burn
    Natalie Stone
  • Rhatha Phongam (small)
    Rhatha Phongam
  • John Cenatiempo (small)
    John Cenatiempo
  • Bonnie Zellerbach (small)
    Bonnie Zellerbach
  • Vithaya Pansringarm (small)
    Vithaya Pansringarm
    Prison Warden
  • Aaron Brumfield
    Adam's Head of Security
  • Andrew Stehlin (small)
    Andrew Stehlin
    Rio Thug #5