Meet Prince Charming (1999)

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Jonathan 'Jack' Harris is a waiter, who hopes to start a newspaper called The Tribeca Times, after the part of Manhattan where he lives, and while struggling to find advertisers and stories decides to do one on Internet dating services, so he joins one and seems to have found a great match, maybe even a soul-mate. He doesn't know it's actually his apartment block neighbor, 29-year old magazine editor Samantha Feld -who only rolled into the thing because her friend and co-worker Jen thinks she needs a man and threw a party at Samantha's place- with whom he clashed from the start in daily life as they consider each-other noisy and inconsiderate. Yet, when they meet after e-mail bliss together and nothing but failed dates with others...

Summary of Meet Prince Charming
"Meet Prince Charming" is a 1999 romantic comedy film directed by Brett Parker and written by Jill Mazursky and Tom Nursall. The movie stars Tia Carrere and David Charvet together with Vincent Berry and Tom Whyte in supporting roles.

Plot Overview
The film provides an uncommon love story starting with two neighbors living in an apartment building. Carrere plays the role of Samantha Feldman, an effective businesswoman who is less effective in her individual life. Charvet, on the other hand, plays the captivating and handsome author, Jack, who moves into the exact same apartment. The 2 share a strong dislike for each other from the beginning due to their contrasting lifestyles and characters. Samantha is annoyed by Jack's loud music and parties, while Jack is irritated by Samantha's complaints.

Love Story in Digital World
Amidst their differences, an uncommon twist brings them together. Samantha and Jack both head online and join the same dating site, utilizing the alter-egos "Cinder" and "Ella". Unaware they are next-door neighbors, they quickly form a deep connection online, sharing intimate feelings and secrets about their dreams and worries. The charming love story that unfolds between their online personalities is a contrast to the ongoing displeasure that sustains face to face.

Fact Discovery
Things deviate when Samantha discovers that her online fan, "Ella", is in truth her despised next-door neighbor, Jack. A selection of emotions strikes Samantha following the revelation; she is shocked, dissatisfied, and later on, mad. She struggles to reconcile her hatred for Jack with her affection for "Ella".

She ultimately decides to end their online relationship, revealing to Jack that she is the genuine "Cinder". Jack is noticeably stunned by the revelation, yet this minute brings a shift in their relationship. The hatred and displeasure start to wane as they begin seeing each other in a brand-new light. As they attempt to solve their differences offline, they find themselves drawn to each other in methods they had actually not expected. Jack expresses his regret for not recognizing previously that Samantha was Cinder and they admit their love for each other personally.

"Meet Prince Charming" concludes with a strong message about the paradox of human relationships. It shows how the exact same individual can be enjoyed and disliked by somebody else depending upon their perspective. The movie uses a digital romance to highlight how online personas can differ from real-life personalities. In the end, Samantha and Jack need to reconcile their physical and digital relationships to achieve their happily ever after.

The film is a light-hearted romantic funny that skilfully integrates the then-emerging world of online dating into the narrative. While the plot is somewhat predictable, the performances and appeal of the lead stars make "Meet Prince Charming" an appealing and satisfying watch.

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