Meet the Deedles (1998)

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Two surfers end up as Yellowstone park rangers and have to stop a former ranger who is out for revenge.

"Meet the Deedles" is a 1998 American funny movie directed by Steve Boyum and written by Jim Herzfeld. The movie stars Paul Walker and Steve Van Wormer as the Deedle twins. Although it was not gotten well by critics, the movie has gained a cult following.

The Deedles
"Meet the Deedles" centers around the misadventures of 2 surfer-enthusiast, fraternal twin brothers, rich and fun-loving Phil (Paul Walker) and easygoing Stew Deedle (Steve Van Wormer). The Deedles reside in Hawaii and lead a carefree life. Their multimillionaire father, Elton Deedle (Eric Braeden), decides to teach them about obligation on their 18th birthday, by sending them off to a survivalist training course in Wyoming.

The Antagonist
When the Deedle twins are misinterpreted for ranger recruits, they are thrust into the conflict between old park ranger Captain Pine (John Ashton) and ex-ranger, now revenge-crazed man, Frank Slater (Dennis Hopper), who prepares to destroy the park and its natural beauty to recover the task he believes Pine unlawfully robbed him of. Slater's strategy includes diverting Old Faithful geyser, thereby ruining the national forest and allowing him to set up a new phony park to get profit.

The Deedles' Adventure
As the movie progresses, the Deedles handle their roles as phony rangers more seriously, facing challenges in the wild and having a hard time to reveal Slater's plot to their superiors. They befriend a local pet prairie canine and try to win the affections of Jesse Ryan (A.J. Langer), the stepdaughter of Ranger Pine, additional improving their motivation to stop Slater and conserve the park.

Resolution and Climax
The climax of the movie showcases the Deedles' dazzling strategy to thwart Slater by redirecting the diverted geyser back to its initial channel using surf boards and their knowledge of the outflow system below Yellowstone. Slater's strategies are foiled, he gets arrested, and the Deedles are hailed as heroes by the park management.

"Meet the Deedles" is a traditional example of late-90s, light-hearted funny. In spite of receiving negative evaluations, its goofy beauty and slapstick humor have earned it a place in the hearts of a specific niche audience. The performances of a young Paul Walker and Steve Van Wormer, paired with the strangely lovely villainy of Dennis Hopper, make this an easily fun look for those looking for a slice of 90's fond memories.

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