Miracle in the Woods (1997)

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Quarreled sisters; Sarah and Wanda inherit property from their mother. It has always belonged to the family. Sarah insists on selling it as soon as possible because she has many difficulties. She goes there with her daughter; Gina. Wanda, on the other hand, wants to keep the property in family. They soon discover that it's not abandoned. Old lady, Lilly Cooper has been living there for many years and doesn't want to leave the house, at least, not as long as she can meet her son.

Film Summary
"Miracle in the Woods" is a heartwarming made-for-television film released in 1997. The film is directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman and stars skilled actresses Della Reese and Meredith Baxter. The dramatic plot unfolds a touching story about household, love, and revived relationships.

Setting and Characters
Set amidst the stunning rural woods, the story revolves around 2 estranged sis - Sarah Weatherby (played by Meredith Baxter) and Lily (played by Anna Chlumsky). Sarah is a hard-working divorcee and Lily, a teenager. An old female called Wanda Briggs, brilliantly depicted by Della Reese, lives a lonely life in a cabin deep in the woods.

Sarah and Lily come across Wanda's cabin while exploring their grandfather's home. They find Wanda psychologically unstable and deduce she probably suffers from Alzheimer's disease. She believes that Lily is her long-lost child, Ella. Regardless of the confusion, a friendship blooms between the three.

Sarah is a practical lady who believes Wanda must be positioned in a care facility for her security. However Lily, who craves the affection Wanda easily showers upon her, opposes this. As Sarah grapples in between her judgment and understanding Lily's sentiments, the sisters' troubled past resurfaces, stirring stress between them.

Dispute and Resolution
Though Sarah initially resists Wanda's relatively deluded reality, she slowly starts to question the fact about Wanda's past. Through flashbacks and Wanda's stories, they discover that Wanda's child Ella had disappeared mysteriously many years back. This shattering event caused the estrangement of Wanda from her hubby and child and drove her gradually into dementia.

Sarah also faces her individual sorrow - the loss of her boy and a damaged marital relationship. As she starts to empathize with Wanda's loss, it likewise brings her closer to her sister, Lily. Acknowledging the deep bond between Lily and Wanda, Sarah allows Wanda to live in her cabin and cares for her.

In the end, the sisters discover that Wanda's child, Ella had died many years ago. Ravaged by Ella's death, Wanda transferred to the woods with the hopes of finding her once again. Finding closure, Sarah and Lily expose this unfortunate reality to Wanda, who accepts it, therefore liberating her from her deluded truth. Wanda passes away quietly, reunited with her family, and contented with Sarah and Lily's love.

The movie ends on an enthusiastic note - just as Wanda discovers peace at the end, so does Sarah who gets closure from her previous injuries. She starts to heal her relationship with her sibling Lily, who in turn, discovers a mother-figure in Sarah.

"Miracle in the Woods" is a sincere narrative of loss, love, forgiveness, and reconciliation informed through the lens of compassionate characters. The film beckons the audience towards introspection and instils faith in familial unity and human empathy.

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