Molly: The Real Thing (2016)

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Over 50 high profile friends including; Kylie and Dannii Minogue, Hugh Jackman, Gene Simmons, Suzi Quatro, Tina Arena, Michael Gudinski, Kate Ceberano, Russell Morris, Colin Hay, Mark Seymour and Jimmy Barnes to name just a few, share their personal stories of the highs and lows of having the man in the hat in their life.

"Molly: The Real Thing" is a 60-minute feature-length documentary directed by Olivia Rousset and aired in 2016. The film provides a comprehensive insight into the life and career of Molly Meldrum-- an extremely acknowledged figure in the Australian music market.

Meldrum's Early Life
The documentary starts by detailing Meldrum's early years growing up in rural Melbourne. Born Ian Alexander Meldrum, he worked as a farmhand prior to finding his innate love for music that led him to enter the entertainment industry.

Foray into Music Industry
Meldrum embarked on his journey in the music market as a roadie, which provided him hands-on experience in the field, shaping his musical perspective. His vigorous enthusiasm and futuristic vision for music stood out as he worked his way as much as end up being a music critic and after that, a record manufacturer, making his mark with Russell Morris' psychedelic rock hit, 'The Real Thing'.

The Countdown Years: A Career Milestone
The documentary makes an immersive analysis of Meldrum's participation in the iconic music television program, 'Countdown'. It provides how 'Countdown' changed the Australian music scene and how Meldrum's unique style, highlighted by his stetson and stutter, left an indelible influence on the program. The gain access to and influence Meldrum commanded on 'Countdown' resulted in him playing an important function in the success of a number of Australian artists internationally.

Interviews with Music Icons
"Molly: The Real Thing" functions meaningful interviews with several music icons who share their individual experiences with Meldrum. Some prominent names include Kylie Minogue, Elton John, and Suzi Quatro. Their anecdotes offer a wider picture of the guy beyond his on-screen personality and also stress his wacky yet lovable qualities.

Health Challenges and Legacy
The final part of the documentary discusses Meldrum's serious health scare in 2011 when he slipped from a ladder and suffered from an important head injury. His healing, subsequent return, and continued contribution to the music industry are discussed, celebrating his victory over difficulty. The movie files Meldrum's effect and enduring tradition on the music landscape, solidifying his status as a cherished icon in Australia's music history.

"Molly: The Real Thing" achieves success in unraveling the enigmatic figure of Molly Meldrum. Through individual anecdotes, interviews with global artists, and looks into Meldrum's private life, it effectively portrays his enthusiasm for music, impact on the Australian and international music scene, and undying resilience. The documentary is a sincere tribute to Meldrum's steady dedication to the music market and his unrivaled tradition as a prominent figure in Australian pop culture.

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