More Dogs Than Bones (2000)

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A series of mishaps and misfortunes over $1 million in cash leads to murder, mayhem and greed.

Plot Summary
"More Dogs Than Bones" is a 2000 crime funny movie directed by Michael Browning. The plot revolves around a messed up money transfer that leads to a flurry of comic shenanigans. It includes an ensemble cast including Joe Mantegna, Peter Coyote, Mercedes Ruehl, and Debi Mazar.

The story begins with mob manager Vic (played by Mantegna), organizing a cash transfer of a million dollars to Los Angeles, concealed in a statue that is to be gotten by his associate Benny (Paul Hipp). The statue, nevertheless, gets wrongly sent out to the residence of a middle-aged, upper-middle-class couple Mary and Archie (Mercedes Ruehl and Peter Coyote). Their small-fry dealer nephew, Roy (Paul Hipp), accidentally breaks the statue, finding the money concealed within.

Conflict of Characters
A crucial conflict arises when Roy's pet dog, Daphne, eats the cash, complicating the retrieval process. On the other hand, Vic grows impatient waiting on the money and becomes suspicious about the hold-up in delivery. He sends his worrisome hit man, Desalvo (Peter Stormare), to investigate. At the same time, Mary and Archie, who embody conflicting viewpoints, bring additional turmoil to the unfolding occasions. Mary, who imagines a more exciting life, wants to keep the money, while Archie, who is meek and uptight, wishes to return it.

Chaos Ensues
In subsequent attempts to get the cash back, both celebrations participate in a chasing game around the city as they try to find the pet dog. Rows of sidesplitting events unfold, consisting of body doubles, fake police officers, and cinematic deceptiveness as characters cross paths, incorrect identities emerge, and misconceptions are plentiful.

Desalvo's job ends up being progressively tough due to consistent interference from Mary and Archie, and the discovery of the lost money by a neighboring induction center for immigrants. The climax of the film features a series of unexpected twists and turns where alliances shift, and the money changes hands numerous times.

"More Dogs Than Bones" is a comedy filled with various aspects such as suspense, mistaken identity, and slapstick humor. Despite the grim outlook with criminal aspects such as drug, mafia, and corrupt cops, the film manages to keep the narrative light-hearted with its comical undertones. The two-hour run time supplies room to check out numerous subplots and adepts to connecting ends in a surprising and humorous way. The central theme of the motion picture is the turmoil caused by common greed, and how it combines a variety of characters in unforeseen situations.

Director Michael Browning wonderfully combines action with comedy in this criminal offense flick. The wacky characters, all driven by their ambition and greed, create comedy out of crime, making the film an amusing watch.

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