Morgan Stewart's Coming Home (1987)

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Eccentric 17-year-old Morgan Stewart (Cryer) can't seem to get his conservative parents to notice him - even though Morgan's been thrown out of 10 prep schools in 7 years! But when a sleazy campaign manager threatens Morgan's father's senatorial bid, Morgan comes home to clean up the mess... and creates hilarious havoc! by the time Morgan is finished, Washington politics will never be the same.

"Morgan Stewart's Coming Home" is a 1987 comedy-drama motion picture directed by Paul Aaron. The film, lesser-known and carrying a blend of comedy with a touch of social commentary, features a coming-of-age story. It stars Jon Cryer, who was fresh off his success from "Pretty in Pink", as Morgan Stewart, a teenager who handles the difficulties of reconnecting with his politically ambitious parents after returning from a prolonged stay at a boarding school.

Plot Summary
The movie follows the titular character, Morgan Stewart, an eccentric and relatable teen with a love for horror films. After seven years at a boarding school in England, Morgan goes back to his hometown in Washington D.C., where he needs to reacquaint himself with his remote parents, Tom and Nancy Stewart. His dad is a United States Senator who is preoccupied with his political career and his mother is a socially driven female, both of whom have little time or understanding for their kid's eccentricities and interests.

Morgan's homecoming is less than ideal; his moms and dads are swallowed up in a re-election project and are more worried about how Morgan's image may affect public perception instead of his wellbeing. To make matters even more intricate for Morgan, his moms and dads hire a manipulative campaign aide, Jay Le Soto, who sees Morgan as a prospective threat to the senator's image and intends to handle him like a public relations issue.

Morgan struggles to relate to his moms and dads and their world of political intrigue but discovers some solace in Emily, a precocious girl who assists him feel grounded in the middle of the turmoil of his family life. Through this emerging love, Morgan starts to discover his voice and asserts his identity in the face of political and familial pressures.

As the story advances, Morgan finds that his father's project is involved in a scandal, and his actions unknowingly end up being the catalyst for exposing corruption. As he browses these discoveries, Morgan not only should handle his developing relationship with his moms and dads but likewise contribute in the larger political drama unfolding around him.

Styles and Characters
The movie delves into themes of adult disregard, political corruption, and the struggle of teenage years versus the backdrop of high-stakes politics. Morgan, represented charmingly by Jon Cryer, is a likeable and non-traditional hero who's more thinking about B-movies and individual authenticity than in the tactical deceptiveness of his parents' world.

The moms and dads, Tom and Nancy Stewart, depicted by Nicholas Pryor and Lynn Redgrave respectively, represent the archetypical enthusiastic and self-involved political figures more absorbed in their public image than their genuine family.

Reception and Critique
Upon its release, "Morgan Stewart's Coming Home" got a blended response from critics and audiences. It has actually been critiqued for its somewhat formulaic plot and underdeveloped characters, but some customers valued the film's humorous minutes and Jon Cryer's efficiency. The movie likewise captured the spirit of the '80s with its soundtrack and style, though it did not achieve the same renowned status as other teen motion pictures of the era.

In conclusion, "Morgan Stewart's Coming Home" is a movie that tackles the timeless obstacles of maturing and self-discovery within an unique political setting. While it might not be as commemorated as other teen classics of the '80s, it offers an intriguing storyline including a young protagonist's wacky journey to discovering his place within his household and society. The film is a snapshot of the period, providing fond memories, laughter, and a touch of drama to its audiences.

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