Mother, Jugs & Speed (1976)

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Mother, Jugs and Speed work for a ambulance company competing for a L.A. city contract.

"Mother, Jugs & Speed" is a 1976 action comedy directed by Peter Yates, starring Bill Cosby, Raquel Welch, Harvey Keitel, and Larry Hagman. The film is set in Los Angeles where the characters work for an ambulance company, the F & B Ambulance Service. Each character has distinct personal concerns and the plot revolves around their battle to handle their job in addition to private imperfections.

Plot & Characters
The movie sets an eccentric tone right from the start, with 'Mother' (Bill Cosby), a carefree ambulance motorist captured drinking while on responsibility. He partners with 'Speed' (Harvey Keitel), a previous police officer who lost his task due to drug claims. Then there's 'Jugs' (Raquel Welch), an enthusiastic receptionist who desires become a paramedic, facing the obstacles of the male-dominated profession.

The storyline includes various emergency situations to which they react, showcasing their non-traditional methods and bending guidelines, such as utilizing nitrous oxide for fun or to relax unstable patients or delivering groceries in the ambulance.

Turning Point & Climax
The plot takes a significant turn when the F & B Ambulance Service's owner, Harry Fishbine (Allen Garfield), reveals a contest to his team where the chauffeur who makes the most 'points' will own part of the business. This results in intense competition and a great deal of unreasonable comedic situations, specifically in between Mother and his bitter competing Murdoch from a completing ambulance service. The rivalry involves stealing patients, racing to mishap scenes, and numerous mishaps which interfere with the workplace.

Meanwhile, Jugs successfully withstands prejudiced practices and becomes the business's first female motorist, leading the way for workplace equality. Speed is revealed to be innocent of the drug charges, causing a reevaluation of prejudices and their results.

In the climax, a city-wide emergency occurs when a sniper goes on a spree. In the middle of the chaos, Murdoch's ambulance crashes, leaving a heart-attack client alone. Mom, Speed, and Jugs come to rescue. Instead of focusing on winning the contest, they join to save the patient, showing camaraderie amidst competition.

"Mother, Jugs & Speed" is a humor-filled cinematic portrayal of the mayhem of urban emergency situation services. Known for employing satirical humor to deal with severe topics like gender discrimination, office competition, and individual flaws, the film offers a special spin on the category of action-comedy movies in the '70s. While character-driven, the film is set against a backdrop of concerns like corruption and medical negligence in the American healthcare system. This film offers both entertainment through its wacky characters and commentary on relevant social concerns.

In general, the movie is a balance of complex characters, humorous sequences, and clearly defined social commentary, making it an impressive specimen of action-comedy movie theater from the mid-70s. Although more than four years old, the problems discussed in "Mother, Jugs & Speed" stay pertinent, offering audiences a historical yet still relevant perspective on societal issues.

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