Movie 43 (2013)

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Fifteen directors and an all-star cast created this twisted comedy that follows three teens on the hunt for the world's most banned film.

"Movie 43" is a collection of various shorts, linked by a main plot. Produced by a range of well-known directors, this 2013 American anthology comedy film, draws together lots of distinguished Hollywood stars. This movie is unique in its audacious humor and slapstick funny design that is stretched across a series of vignettes. Despite the varied selection of talent included, it was generally panned by critics.

Vignettes Summary
"Movie 43" focuses on a fictional pitch by a washed-up producer named Charlie Wessler to an unwilling film executive named Griffin Schraeder, which works as a framing narrative. Wessler tries to sell a stunning script that consists of numerous outrageous, interconnected brief films. Some of these uniquely unusual vignettes consist of one where Hugh Jackman has testicles growing from his neck, Anna Faris demands her partner to defecate on her, and Halle Berry mixes guacamole with her breast.

Sectors Synopsis
The first sketch entitled 'The Catch' functions Kate Winslet on a blind date with Hugh Jackman who reveals a shocking physical trait. 'Homeschooled' provides a couple who offers their son a horrifyingly comprehensive house education. In 'The Proposition', Chris Pratt and Anna Faris play the function of the caring couple with a strange fetish. 'Veronica' is about a supermarket clerk who has a crush on his ex-girlfriend. 'Superhero Speed Dating' sketch is based on a satirical take on Batman and Robin trying to connect with love interests at a speed dating occasion.

Critics' Opinion
Despite the outstanding ensemble of A-list stars, "Movie 43" was met with an extremely unfavorable response from critics. The humor was labeled crass, gross, and juvenile, with lots of critics considering it as one of the worst films ever made. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a rare 5% "rotten" rating, based upon many seriously negative reviews.

Commercial Performance
In spite of its star-studded cast, "Movie 43" was not a ticket office success, earning simply $8.8 million locally and $32.4 million worldwide, versus a production spending plan of $6 million. There was a plain contrast between the sophisticated cast and the gross underperformance at the box office.

Awards and Recognition
Even though the movie was severely panned, there were a couple of silver linings. It needs to be kept in mind that "Movie 43" managed to capture the award for Worst Picture at the 34th Golden Raspberry Awards, in addition to two other awards, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay, for an overall of three awards.

While "Movie 43" will probably be kept in mind more for its uncommon premise and audacious humor instead of its cinematic accomplishments, it still maintains a sense of originality hardly ever seen in mainstream movie theater. Although its style of humor might not have actually resonated with wider audiences, it still is a testament to the threats some filmmakers are willing to take in order to push the borders of standard storytelling.

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