Moving McAllister (2007)

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Rick Robinson, a law intern, is scheduled to take the bar exam in just four days. Anxious to score points with his boss Mr. McAllister, Rick unwisely agrees to help the man move. The next day, Rick finds himself in a moving van from Miami to Los Angeles, accompanied by McAllister's spoiled niece and her pet pig.

"Moving McAllister" is an American funny film released in 2007. The film, directed by Andrew Black, includes tv star Benjamin Gourley, Mila Kunis, Jon Heder, Rutger Hauer and Hubbel Palmer. The plot focuses on a young ambitious legal representative, his eccentric customer and a hitchhiker. Understood for its non-traditional storyline and amusing efficiencies, "Moving McAllister" showcases a mix of comedic scenarios, journey adventures and character arcs.

The focus of the plot is Rick Robinson (Benjamin Gourley), an ambitious law intern at a renowned firm in Miami. Rick has actually been hauling around moving boxes for his excessively demanding manager, Maxwell McAllister (Rutger Hauer), to show his commitment and possibly secure a promo to full-time legal representative. Days before his bar test, Rick is assigned a major task. He needs to drive Max's flighty niece, Michelle (Mila Kunis), along with her family pet pig and her eccentric possessions, from Miami to Los Angeles. Seeing this as a last test prior to his dream job, Rick agrees.

Journey and Character Development
Rick starts the journey in a rented van with Michelle and her family pet pig, only to discover their development thwarted by her peculiar behavior and uncommon travelling needs. The difficult journey is made more challenging when they pick up a wandering free spirit, Orlie (Jon Heder), whose carefree mindset stands in contrast to Rick's uptight nature. Throughout the trip, a series of unfortunate events and comedic mishaps take place-- they run out of cash, lose accommodations and the van breaks down.

As their journey progresses, Rick's preliminary inconvenience with Michelle's carefree spirit slowly turns to adoration and after that love, while Michelle starts to see the ambitious boy under the fa├žade of a business lawyer. Throughout the journey, Rick likewise finds out indispensable life lessons from Orlie and starts to question his own life options.


After dealing with numerous obstacles, the trio lastly reaches Los Angeles. Rick, having actually realized his love for Michelle, makes a psychological admission. Nevertheless, to his surprise, she leaves him, recognizing that she isn't ready for dedication. Rick decides to return to Miami, but rather of working under McAllister, he begins his own firm, indicating his improvement from a people-pleaser to an independent individual. Unexpectedly, Michelle returns to Rick, confessing she has sensations for him too. The motion picture ends on a joyful note, showing an appealing future for Rick both personally and expertly.

Critical Reception
"Moving McAllister" drew mixed evaluations, with critics appreciating the efficiencies of Benjamin Gourley and Mila Kunis, however lamenting the lack of creativity. The movie was generally valued by audiences for its humor, character efficiencies and the non-traditional spin on road-trip themed plots.

In general, "Moving McAllister" is a roller-coaster journey that has its share of laughs and heart-warming moments. It highlights lots of crucial elements like individual growth, pursuit of joy and the significance of following one's heart, provided in a light-hearted, comedic style.

Top Cast

  • Ben Gourley
    Rick Robinson
  • Mila Kunis (small)
    Mila Kunis
    Michelle McAllister
  • Jon Heder (small)
    Jon Heder
  • Rutger Hauer (small)
    Rutger Hauer
    Maxwell McAllister
  • Hubbel Palmer (small)
    Hubbel Palmer
  • Billy Drago (small)
    Billy Drago
    The Lady
  • Peter Jason (small)
    Peter Jason
    Mr. Robinson
  • Cathrine Grace
    Mrs. Robinson
  • Patrika Darbo (small)
    Patrika Darbo
  • Joe Unger (small)
    Joe Unger
  • Mary Pat Gleason (small)
    Mary Pat Gleason