My Name Is Emily (2016)

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Packed off to a foster home after her father is insti­tu­tion­al­ized, a rebellious young Irish girl resolves to bust her dad out of the hospital where he's been confined.

Film Overview
"My Name is Emily" is a 2016 independent Irish movie composed and directed by Simon Fitzmaurice. The movie amasses attention not just for its poignant and beautifully-emotional storytelling, but for the amazing determination of its 'ALS-- identified' director, who composed the screenplay with an eye-gaze computer system. The sublime exploration of life, love, loss, and the complexities of the human condition makes this movie a journey of emotional exploration.

Plot Summary
The eponymous character, Emily, is played by Evanna Lynch (renowned for her role as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series). Emily is a reflective and smart sixteen-year-old woman, grappling with the death of her mother and her father's subsequent psychological breakdown. Dealing with these frustrating changes and her dad's absence, Emily discovers herself placed into foster care.

On her 16th birthday, Emily receives a cryptic, written message from her institutionalized dad, Robert, prompting her to start a quest to break him out of the mental health center. Convincing Arden, an introvert and secretly-in-love schoolmate, to join her on this journey, Emily experiences a coming-of-age trip that unfolds in a typically unforeseeable mix of happiness, confusion, and despair.

Character and Theme Analysis
The film provides deep dives into the intricacies of Emily's character. She embodies the battles of a teenage lady handling past injury, a complicated family circumstance and budding romance, and her journey is both soul-searching, and an act of finding her independent identity.

Linked with Emily's character development, the movie explores multiple themes, including the universality of love, the subjective nature of reality, and the raw pain of a child sensation abandoned. Emily's love interest, Arden, includes a hint of romance and supplies a soft landing for Emily's extreme reality.

Presentation and Performance
"My Name is Emily" is beautifully presented through stunning cinematography which marks it as visually alluring. The performance by Evanna Lynch is stellar, making Emily's character likeable in spite of her complexities. George Webster's (Arden's) efficiency similarly matches Lynch's.

Crucial Acclaim
The film handled to get critical honor both in Ireland and globally, being lauded for its psychological depth, attractive cinematographic narrative, and exceptional performances. Its expressive storytelling offers a strong coming-of-age narrative that successfully deals with the psychological undertones interspersed throughout the film.

"My Name is Emily", is more than simply a film; it's an emotional exploration. It provides a stirring exploration of a teenager's life marked by catastrophe and mirth alike. Regardless of Emily being essentially a literary and rather pensive character, the story is not simply relatable, but also appealing due to the director's fantastic ability to layer human feelings, making them raw and authentic.

Top Cast

  • Evanna Lynch (small)
    Evanna Lynch
  • Michael Smiley (small)
    Michael Smiley
  • George Webster (small)
    George Webster
  • Deirdre Mullins (small)
    Deirdre Mullins
    Emily's Mother
  • Cathy Belton (small)
    Cathy Belton
    Greasy Haired Teacher
  • Martin McCann (small)
    Martin McCann
    Swimming Teacher
  • Barry McGovern (small)
    Barry McGovern
    Dr. Golding
  • Stella McCusker (small)
    Stella McCusker
  • Declan Conlon (small)
    Declan Conlon
    Arden's father
  • Dónall Ó Héalai
    Young Policeman
  • Ally Ni Chiarain (small)
    Ally Ni Chiarain