My Name Is Tanino (2002)

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During a sunny Sicilian summer Tanino has a sweet and tender story with Sally, a young American tourist. But when summer is over, Sally flies back to the States forgetting Tanino and her camera. He instead cannot forget the girl and he decides to go to the States with the excuse of bringing back her the camera and to see the dreamland of any Sicilian. Tanino will discover that dreams don't always match with reality...

"My Name is Tanino" is an Italian romantic and funny movie directed by Paolo Virzi and released in 2002. The movie script was composed by Francesco Bruni and Virzi himself. The movie tells the amusing story of an Italian young man called Tanino who develops a romantic fixation with an American lady and start a series of comedic misadventures in America to win her love.

The story begins in a small Sicilian town where Tanino (Corrado Fortuna) works as a cameraman. Throughout the summer season, his quaint town sees an influx of travelers, consisting of an American female, Sally Garfield (Rachel McAdams), with whom Tanino ends up being enamored. After Sally leaves for New York, Tanino decides to follow her, despite his household's objections.

Tanino's American adventure begins with a series of misconceptions and funny scenarios. He believes that he is in real love, however Sally sees him as simply a holiday romance. She has a sweetheart, and Tanino finds himself homeless and impoverished in New York. He takes a task with a wacky Italian dining establishment owner who later scams him, leaving him out of work once again.

Throughout his journey, Tanino meets a varied group of characters, including Sally's Hollywood director daddy and an ambitious starlet who befriends him. These encounters lead to additional misadventures, misconceptions, and comical circumstances. Tanino's innocence and naivety add to many of these situations, highlighting the cultural distinctions and stereotypes in between Italy and the United States.

Eventually, it emerges that Tanino's infatuation with Sally is one-sided, and he begins understanding the harsh truths of life. He finds out huge lessons about love, dreams, and the truth of the American "dream". However, this doesn't hinder Tanino from continuing his American experience.

"My Name is Tanino" concludes with Tanino's return to Italy, disillusioned however enriched by his experiences. He finds out that real life is not like the motion pictures which genuine love may not be the Hollywood version he had imagined. The film ends with a mix of funny and melancholy, representing Tanino's journey from a naive dreamer to a more grounded, mature individual.

The movie was critically recognized for its well-crafted humor and compelling characters. McAdams' performance was lauded as a development, as she as a result rose to stardom in Hollywood. "My Name is Tanino" is valued for its expedition of the contrasts and confusions that occur due to cultural distinctions and impractical expectations - all wrapped in a layer of funny and warmth. The film acts as both a comedic odyssey and a poignant coming-of-age story, making it a memorable piece in Italian movie theater.

Top Cast

  • Corrado Fortuna (small)
    Corrado Fortuna
  • Rachel McAdams (small)
    Rachel McAdams
    Sally Garfield
  • Frank Crudele (small)
    Frank Crudele
    Angelo Maria Li Causi
  • Mary Long (small)
    Mary Long
    Santa Li Causi
  • Beau Starr (small)
    Beau Starr
  • Lori Hallier (small)
    Lori Hallier
    Leslie Garfield
  • Barry Flatman (small)
    Barry Flatman
    Mr. Garfield
  • Licinia Lentini (small)
    Licinia Lentini
  • Marina Orsini (small)
    Marina Orsini
  • Antonio Palumbo
  • Ornella Giusto (small)
    Ornella Giusto
    Marinella as a girl