National Lampoon's Last Resort (1994)

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Sam and Dave are living the boring life until they are beckoned to Sam's uncle's Island. When they get there (still not quite sure how that worked) they are compelled by beautiful women and a dastardly enemy of the Island. After accidentally convincing Sam's uncle to sign away rights to his island, they must somehow fix the problem.

"National Lampoon's Last Resort" is a 1994 movie that offers a funny twist to the thriller category. Directed by Rafal Zielinski and produced by Eliot Kagan, the movie features two of the popular stand-up comedians of the era - Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.

The Plot
The comedy film starts with Sam (Corey Feldman) and Dave (Corey Haim), 2 good friends who are having a hard time as performers, awaiting a work law hearing in Los Angeles. An unanticipated telegram reaches them by a far-off relative General George Dewey, who welcomes them to see him on his island paradise. Being broke and jobless, this seems their golden opportunity so they hop on a plane and fly to the Caribbean Island of San Paradiso.

Upon their arrival, Sam and Dave quickly understand that the island resort is under substantial risk from a rival magnate Hemlock (Robert Mandan), who wants to seize the island to enhance his wealth. The life of high-end that Sam and Dave had actually imagined is nothing more than a dilapidated beach home with a variety of eccentric characters. Seeing the desperate state of the resort, they decide to extend their assisting hand in conserving the resort from the clutches of the greedy magnate.

Satisfying the Villains
All is not well in paradise, General Dewey goes missing out on and is taken hostage by Hemlock and his assistant Logan (Geoffrey Lewis) who are bent on finding a treasure chest on the island. Understanding the gravity of the scenario, Sam and Dave decide to bring back the resort to its former glory and rescue General George Dewey.

The Hit-and-Miss Comedy
The film relies on the comedic skills of the iconic duo 'The Coreys'. There are many hit-and-miss comedic minutes throughout the movie. Nevertheless, their onscreen relationship and chemistry provide enjoyable interesting moments to the plot. As the plot advances, slapstick humor and comic relief ended up being essential parts of the story.

The Thrilling Climax
In a thrilling climax, Sam and Dave, in spite of an array of comical obstacles, handle to outwit Hemlock and his gang with their fast wit and resourcefulness. The 2 heroes ultimately handle to save the General and conserve the resort. The villains get their comeuppance, and the resort is safe.

The movie is interesting and explorative, however it relies greatly on broad comical gadgets which at times may appear overstretched. Nevertheless, the plot is distinctively revitalizing, blending a vacation funny with an aspects of an experience thriller. "National Lampoon's Last Resort" banks mostly on the comic timing and chemistry of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. It's a film that does not take itself too seriously and winds up supplying an entertaining 90 minutes due to its light-hearted approach.

Top Cast

  • Corey Feldman (small)
    Corey Feldman
  • Corey Haim (small)
    Corey Haim
  • Demetra Hampton (small)
    Demetra Hampton
  • Robert Mandan (small)
    Robert Mandan
  • Geoffrey Lewis (small)
    Geoffrey Lewis
    Rex Carver
  • Chris Barnes (small)
    Chris Barnes
  • Maureen Flannigan (small)
    Maureen Flannigan
  • Milton Selzer (small)
    Milton Selzer
  • Eda Reiss Merin
  • John William Young (small)
    John William Young
  • Marji Martin