Obsessed (1992)

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Lorie Brindel works at an insurance company and falls in love with one of her clients, the much older Ed Bledsoe. Spending weeks of passion together, Lorie is convinced that Ed is the man of her life and that he would marry her. When Ed decides to break up the relationship, Lorie does not accept it and tries to win him back, falling from her extreme love into an equally extreme hatred.

"Obsessed", a 1992 television motion picture, is a suspenseful thriller focused on a story of obsession, deceit, and decision. Directed by Jonathan Sanger, and written by Ellen Weston, the movie stars Shannen Doherty, William Devane, and Clare Carey. The story provides a deep dive into a hazardous relationship that brews from a one-time affair, leading to a viscious cycle of stalking and sabotage.

The Plot
The film starts with the intro of Lorie Brindel (Shannen Doherty), a hard-working, smart, and assertive female working for a law office, lastly seeing her efforts flourishing as she gets promoted. Soon, an event of her promotion leads to an unexpected casual sex with a construction worker, Cliff Petrie (William Devane).

In the aftermath, Lorie experiences frustrating regret and remorse and chooses to come clean to her loving and mild sweetheart, Paul (Daniel Roebuck). While he is initially hurt and annoyed, the couple chooses to work it through, strengthening their love for each other. However, the story takes a severe turn when Cliff turns out to be a male obsessed. Unable to handle rejection, he begins to stalk Lorie continuously, going as far as threatening her life and the lives of her liked ones.

The Escalation
Dealing with a maniac like Cliff proves to be extremely challenging as the authorities fail to rein him in due to the lack of concrete evidence. Cliff, being a smart male, makes sure not to be caught while continuously making Lorie's life unpleasant. He goes further by causing psychological horror, utilizing anonymous calls and veiled risks. He also sabotages her work life by impersonating Paul, triggering her to lose essential customers.

The Climax
"Obsessed" reaches its climax when Cliff, no longer satisfied with just stalking, kidnaps Lorie, intending to own her forever. Nevertheless, Lorie bravely battles versus him and manages to escape. Later, she chooses to take the matter into her own hands as she realizes law enforcement is incapable of securing her. She sets a trap to finally put an end to Cliff's harmful fascination. The climactic face-off ends in Lorie's favor, and Cliff is finally defeated and collared by the cops.

The movie completes with an emotionally drenched Lorie reuniting with her client and affectionate sweetheart, Paul. They both come out more powerful from the experience, and Lorie is seen as a triumphant and resilient character.

In summary, "Obsessed" is a gripping and chilling movie about a woman's resilience in the face of a stalker's troubling fascination. The movie's viewers are handled a suspense-filled trip that leaves them pleased of Lorie's strength and decision. Though the story is relentless, focusing mostly on Cliff's fascination and Lorie's desperation, it leaves viewers with a strong message about individual strength and the will to eliminate back against injustices.

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