Once Upon a Forest (1993)

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A young mouse, mole and hedgehog risk their lives to find a cure for their badger friend, who's been poisoned by men.

"Once Upon a Forest" is an animated adventure film directed by Charles Grosvenor, which was launched in 1993. The screenplay was composed by Mark Young and Kelly Ward. It draws attention to ecological conservation and the harmful consequences of human activity on wildlife.

The movie is set in Dapplewood and concentrates on three 'Furlings' - young animals including Abigail (a mouse), Edgar (a mole), and Russell (a hedgehog). These characters are best friends and apprentices of Cornelius (a badger), who teaches them about the methods of the forest. The harmony of the forest is interfered with when a harmful gas leaks into the forest from a tanker mishap, triggering devastation to the environment and impacting the Furling's lives negatively.

In the catastrophe, Abigail's more youthful cousin, Michelle (likewise a badger), inhales the gas and falls under a coma, more driving the plot. Cornelius notifies the Furlings that in order to cure Michelle they require to find particular herbs, but these herbs are not offered in their devastated forest. For this reason, they're pushed to set out on a dangerous journey to discover these herbs and conserve Michelle.

Story Progression
The animals deal with different obstacles but their tactical teamwork and courage assist them to conquer these problems. They journey across dangerous surfaces, deal with predators, and browse precarious situations. All the while, the style of ecological regard and the harmful effects of negligent human actions underpin the narrative.

Eventually, they obtain the herbs and return to their forest, where Cornelius utilizes the herbs to treat Michelle. She awakens from her coma, heartening everybody. The animals then commit themselves to the objective of revitalizing their house, Dapplewood. By the end of the film, the forest starts its procedure of remediation, demonstrating the strength of nature in spite of difficulty.

Review and Reception
"Once Upon a Forest" warns its viewers about the devastating effects of anthropogenic actions by positioning these impacts within a narrative accessible to a young audience. It reflects styles like relationship, bravery, team effort, determination, and environmental conservation.

However, the film received mixed evaluations. The animation quality and the efficiencies of the voice stars, consisting of Michael Crawford (Cornelius), Ellen Blain (Abigail), Benji Gregory (Edgar), and Paige Gosney (Russell), were praised. In contrast, the narrative was slammed for its simplicity and lack of depth. Critics thought it to be overdidactic and failed to engage adult audiences efficiently. Regardless of this, the film has actually been viewed positively by its target demographic - kids.

In general, "Once upon a Forest" offers important lessons about environmental awareness and the effects of human recklessness on nature, while maintaining the components of experience and relationship that mesmerize children's interest. Regardless of some narrative imperfections, the movie's emphatic message about conservation and respect for nature continues to resonate with audiences.

Top Cast

  • Michael Crawford (small)
    Michael Crawford
    Cornelius (voice)
  • Ben Vereen (small)
    Ben Vereen
    Phineas (voice)
  • Ellen Blain
    Abigail (voice)
  • Benji Gregory (small)
    Benji Gregory
    Edgar (voice)
  • Paige Gosney
    Russell (voice)
  • Elisabeth Moss (small)
    Elisabeth Moss
    Michelle (voice)
  • Paul Eiding (small)
    Paul Eiding
    Abigail's Father (voice) (uncredited)
  • Janet Waldo (small)
    Janet Waldo
    Edgar's Mom (voice) (uncredited)
  • Will Estes (small)
    Will Estes
    Willy (voice)
  • Charlie Adler (small)
    Charlie Adler
    Waggs (voice)
  • Rickey D'Shon Collins
    Bosworth (voice)