Only the Brave (2017)

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Members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots battle deadly wildfires to save an Arizona town.

"Only the Brave" (2017) is a biographical drama movie directed by Joseph Kosinski based on the GQ post "No Exit" written by Sean Flynn. The movie states the real-life story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite team of firefighters from Prescott, Arizona who fought the Yarnell Hill Fire in June 2013, resulting in the terrible death of 19 team members.

Plot Synopsis
The film centers around the story of Eric Marsh (Josh Brolin), superintendent of a local firefighting crew who is nurturing a dream to license his group as a Hotshot team - the top-ranking in wildland firefighting. Brendan McDonough (Miles Teller), a former drug addict in requirement of a fresh start, joins the team and forms a father-son-like relationship with Marsh.

With time, under Marsh's leadership, the team advances and ultimately earns the elite Hotshot accreditation. The bond among the team members reinforces as they share hardships and triumphes, with their team effort necessary in fighting frightening wildfires.

Character Developments and Relationships
Brolin's character Marsh is a dedicated and principled leader, battling his personal satanic forces while keeping his team unified. His undaunted belief in McDonough changes the boy's life; from a drug-addict to being an accountable firemen and dad, showing the significant impact of great management.

Marsh's relationship with his partner, Amanda (Jennifer Connelly), adds another layer to his character. Their love is challenged by Marsh's obsession with his task however eventually, their bond is unbroken. On the other hand, McDonough has a hard time to stabilize his new responsibilities with his brand-new function as a father, including depth to his character arc.

Representation of Firefighting and Heroism
The movie depicts the strenuous and treacherous job of firefighting realistically. The viewers get an opportunity to explore the intensity of wildfires and comprehend the guts it takes to control them. The human battle, sociability, and strength are effectively highlighted, developing an engaging story of bravery.

Climax and Conclusion
Catastrophe strikes in the movie's climax when the team battles the devastating Yarnell Hill Fire. In an unforeseen twist of events, the fire swallows up the crew members, leading to the brave sacrifice of the whole team, barring McDonough who makes it through. This awful occasion highlights their heroism and the fundamental danger of their job. The movie ends on a poignant note, showcasing the remarkable loss and hailing the bravery of these 19 firemens who set their lives in service to their community.

Reception and Impact
"Only The Brave" has actually been applauded for its gripping story, strong efficiencies, and realistic representation of firefighting. Despite the tragic ending, the film is basically a tribute to the heroism and sacrifice of wildland firefighters. The devastating Yarnell Hill Fire and the Granite Mountain Hotshots' story act as solemn suggestions of the awesome bravery revealed by firemens everywhere.

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