Onyx: Kings of the Grail (2019)

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Egypt, 11th century. When a famine ravages the country, the prosperous Andalusian kingdom of Denia comes to the aid of the sultan, who, in gratitude, gives Denia the most sought-after and coveted object in all of Christendom.

Introduction and Background
"Onyx: Kings of the Grail" is a Spanish documentary released in 2019, directed by Roberto Girault and Manuel González. The movie delves into the famous tale of the Holy Grail and its last resting place, exploring it through a historical and investigative lens in a fascinating narrative style. The film's narrative is largely based on the book "The Knights of the Grail - The Secret History of the Chalice of Christ" by Margarita Torres and José Miguel Ortega.

Historical Context and Investigation
The movie takes the viewers back to the 1st century AD to highlight the historic context of the Holy Grail and its significance within Christian tradition. This fascinating documentary tells the tale of the Holy Grail and examines how it has actually apparently ended up in the region of North of Spain. It begins by tracking the journey of the chalice from Jerusalem to Spain through Egypt and Al-Andalus region, then transformed into the Holy Grail in the monastic site of San Juan de la Peña, located in the Spanish area of Aragón.

Investigative Approach and Claims
The documentary utilizes an investigative technique, where the directors weave in their interpretations of the book's assertions, along with historic details, significant reenactments, fascinating graphics and deeply looked into historic analysis. It suggests that the Holy Grail, likewise known as The Chalice of Christ, might be the emerald Chalice of Doña Urraca turned upside down. This artifact has been maintained for centuries in the Basilica of San Isidoro, located in the city of León, Spain. The movie presents comprehensive information supporting this claim, such as the discovery of a medieval file in the library of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, that infer the journey of the chalice into Christian hands.

Noteworthy Aspects
The movie sticks out with a great blend of history, secret, and examination. Making use of remarkable leisures, graphics, and narration keeps the audiences engaged. It's good how the film intertwines historic truths with religious legends, using a brand-new viewpoint on the Holy Grail's identity and location. The unfolding secret and continuous thriller make it an appealing watch. The movie remains respectful to religious sentiments and keeps an open-ended view, never ever demanding its claims however leaving it to the audience's interpretation.

"Onyx: Kings of the Grail" supplies an enlightening journey into the past, offering a deep dive into the quest for the Holy Grail. It explores the complicated routes and passions surrounding one of the most substantial religious and historic artifacts. While the film establishes a hypothesis on the Grail's place in Spain, it leaves room for viewers to form their opinions, making it an interesting documentary for history buffs, spiritual enthusiasts, and those fascinated by mysteries. Through its ingenious storytelling and investigative design, this movie presents an amazing viewpoint on an olden quest.

Top Cast

  • Jim Caviezel (small)
    Jim Caviezel
  • Maria de Medeiros (small)
    Maria de Medeiros
    Margarita Torres
  • Anthony Howell (small)
    Anthony Howell
    José Miguel Ortega
  • Ricard Sales (small)
    Ricard Sales
    Otto Rahn
  • Maarten Dannenberg (small)
    Maarten Dannenberg
    Heimrich Himmler
  • Rafael Rojas (small)
    Rafael Rojas
  • Iñigo Galiano (small)
    Iñigo Galiano
    Gustavo – The Intern
  • Jaime Adalid (small)
    Jaime Adalid
    Andreu Ripoll
  • Carlos Olalla (small)
    Carlos Olalla
  • César Sánchez
    Ferdinand I of León
  • Tania Watson
    Doña Urraca