Our America (2002)

The true story of two African-American teen radio reporters and their documentary investigation of a notorious child murder.

Film Overview
"Our America" is a 2002 movie directed by Ernest R. Dickerson, based on a real story. It recounts the experiences of LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman, 2 young African-American men from Ida B. Wells Homes, a real estate task in Chicago. They achieve remarkable journalism at a tender age through a radio documentary about the conditions in their neighborhood.

Main Cast and Characters
The movie includes Brandon Hammond as LeAlanJones and Roderick Pannell as Lloyd Newman, partners in this journalistic endeavor. Josh Charles plays along as Dave Isay, a producer at National Public Radio (NPR) who ends up being a mentor and facilitator to the boys. Other notable stars consist of Irma P. Hall and Peter Paige in supporting roles.

The story is set in the extreme environment of Ida B. Wells Homes, well-known for criminal offense, violence, and social deterioration. 'Our America' follows the journey of two teenage kids, LeAlan and Lloyd, who are figured out to tell their community's surprise individual stories behind lurid headings and sensationalized news. Dave Isay, moved by their vision and courage, equips them with tape recorders to record the truth around them and inform their own areas' stories.

The raw, first-person stories crafted by LeAlan and Lloyd quickly catch the attention of NPR, which relays their chilling documentary, "Ghetto Life 101". Their groundbreaking work, exposing the severe truths of inner-city life and systemic social problems, amasses extensive praise and resonates with listeners throughout the country.

Impact and Critical Reception
"Our America" is an engaging exploration of the power of story, youth effort, and the significance of journalistic integrity. It presents a jarringly genuine photo of life in crime-ridden city projects, but also highlights the resistant spirit of its inhabitants.

Despite some inescapable grimness, the film contains a hidden optimism and faith in the capacity of youths to produce change. LeAlan and Lloyd's journey is an inspiring testimony to the transformative potential of journalism and authentic storytelling. They not just clarified their community's undetected struggles however likewise inspire other youths to make their voices heard.

The movie has received usually favorable reviews for its extensive, unfiltered evaluation of urban poverty in America. Critics praised its ability to take on such difficult topics through the eyes of young, enthusiastic protagonists. The performances, particularly those of Hammond, Pannell, and Charles, have also been admired. The story's audio journal format efficiently adds an appealing layer of realism and effect to the story.

In summary, "Our America" is a thought-provoking drama that offers viewers an intimate gaze into the rarely seen world within America's impoverished urban districts. It admires the courage and determination of LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman, whose storytelling capabilities illuminate an entire brand-new point of view on the lives of individuals living in low-income neighborhoods. The movie underscores the concept that everybody has a story worth informing, a reality worth hearing, no matter where they live or their age. It's a memorable documentation of daily human dignity amidst tough circumstances.

Top Cast

  • Josh Charles (small)
    Josh Charles
    Dave Isay
  • Brandon Hammond (small)
    Brandon Hammond
    Lloyd "Boo" Newman
  • Serena Lee
    Janelle Jones
  • Roderick Pannell
    LeAlan Jones
  • Irma P. Hall (small)
    Irma P. Hall
    June Jones
  • Peter Paige (small)
    Peter Paige
    Gary Covino
  • Vanessa Williams (small)
    Vanessa Williams
    Sandra Williams
  • Mykelti Williamson (small)
    Mykelti Williamson
    Graham Ellis
  • Rukiya Bernard (small)
    Rukiya Bernard
    Sophie Newman
  • Jordan Duncan
    Eric Morris
  • Jordan Francis
    Derrick Morris