Our Family Wedding (2010)

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The weeks leading up to a young couple's wedding is comic and stressful, especially as their respective fathers try to lay to rest their feud.

"Our Family Wedding" is a 2010 romantic funny movie directed by Rick Famuyiwa. The movie mainly revolves around the coming together of two distinct and strong-willed households, who are obliged to put aside their cultural distinctions to commemorate the wedding of their children.

Plot Summary
The movie story centers around African American Marcus Boyd (played by Lance Gross), who works as a radio host and his Latina girlfriend Lucia Ramirez (played by America Ferrera), who is a law student. The 2 have handled to keep their relationship peaceful, however upon deciding to get married, they should share the news with their families.

Marcus returns home to tell his dad, Brad Boyd (played by Forest Whitaker), an upscale automobile dealer who is divorced and lives a bachelor's life. Brad is surprised but accepts his boy's choice. On the other hand, Lucia reveals her engagement to her conventional and Catholic Mexican-American parents-- mother Sonia (played by Diana Maria Riva) and dad Miguel (played by Carlos Mencia), a tow-truck chauffeur.

Satisfying of the Families
The comic occasions start unfolding when the two daddies, who have actually already had an uncomfortable encounter before learning about the upcoming marital relationship, satisfy to discuss the wedding event plans. Each daddy wishes to plan the wedding carefully connected with the customs of their particular cultures which causes disputes and disputes.

Pre-Wedding Chaos
The dads' continuous fight over the cultural details of the wedding event causes both laughter and disappointment. The couple faces a selection of problems such as a goat consuming the wedding supper, a lost wedding band, and an attractive wedding planner that Brad develops a relationship with. Things don't get any much easier when Lucia's older sibling concerns town and triggers further drama in the household characteristics.

As the wedding event techniques, Marcus and Lucia question their dedication and ponder aborting the wedding temporarily. Nevertheless, after heart-to-heart discussions with their particular daddies, both understand they belong together. The 2 families put aside their differences and come together to make their kids's wedding event special. The movie concludes with a psychological and stunning wedding event that integrates both cultures.

"Our Family Wedding" is an amusing and sentimental household drama that unites the intricacies of custom, family worths, and marriage. Regardless of cultural tensions, Marcus and Lucia's romance serves as a testimony to the belief that like constantly finds a way amidst dispute and distinctions. Their wedding event becomes a sign of unity, not only for the couple but for their respective families too. The movie highlights engaging performances, particularly by Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mencia, and comic scenes that keep the audience engaged and amused.

Top Cast

  • Forest Whitaker (small)
    Forest Whitaker
    Brad Boyd
  • America Ferrera (small)
    America Ferrera
    Lucia Ramirez
  • Carlos Mencia (small)
    Carlos Mencia
    Miguel Ramirez
  • Regina King (small)
    Regina King
  • Lance Gross (small)
    Lance Gross
    Marcus Boyd
  • Diana Maria Riva (small)
    Diana Maria Riva
    Sonia Ramirez
  • Lupe Ontiveros (small)
    Lupe Ontiveros
    Momma Cecilia
  • Anjelah Johnson-Reyes (small)
    Anjelah Johnson-Reyes
    Isabella Ramirez
  • Charlie Murphy (small)
    Charlie Murphy
  • Shannyn Sossamon (small)
    Shannyn Sossamon
    Ashley McPhee
  • Tonita Castro (small)
    Tonita Castro
    Aunt Rosita