Out in Fifty (1999)

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A reformed ex-convict enters a love triangle and gets manipulated into being a scapegoat in a murder scheme for revenge.


"Out in Fifty" is a 1999 independent drama film directed by BoJesse Christopher and Scott Leet. The movie boasts a cast including Leet himself, Ed Lauter, and an appearance by Christina Applegate. This intense psycho-thriller doubles up as a gripping story of redemption about a male's struggle to fix his life after accidentally killing a male in self-defense.

Plot Summary

The plot focuses on Raymond Trueblood (played by Scott Leet), who inadvertently eliminates a cop, Dempsey Cain (Ed Lauter), in self-defense throughout a bar brawl and winds up in prison. 7 years later on, he is launched on parole with the understanding that he will cooperate with the law enforcement agency to haul into court the criminal activity kingpin Little Tom (Mickey Jones).

After regaining liberty, Raymond's main desire is to lead a straight life, devoid of any problems, and reconnect with his separated sister, Marti (Christina Applegate). Nevertheless, his past refuses to enable him a tranquil presence. Dempsey's former partner, Detective Jake Booker (played by BoJesse Christopher), harbors a deep grudge versus Raymond, blaming him for Dempsey's death and the subsequent suicide of Dempsey's widow, whom Booker was in love with.

Stress and Conflicts

Investigator Booker starts trailing Raymond, monitoring his every move and seemingly looking for vengeance, therefore including an uncommon twist to the tale. All at once, Raymond weaves through a complex relationship with Marti and begins a romantic liaison with her buddy, Arizona (played by Sarah Lassez). Each of these relationships presents Raymond with a fresh set of difficulties, evaluating his will and fix to stay real to the course of righteousness.

Parallel to this, Raymond also needs to compete with Little Tom's enormous impact. As he formally aids the cops in bringing Little Tom to justice, Raymond puts his life at danger, bring in the crime lord's rage. As the plot unfolds, tension mounts, leading to a gripping climax where Raymond's fate hangs in the balance.

Conclusion: A Tale of Redemption

"Out in Fifty" supplies an appealing narrative about a male captured in a thorny web of criminal activity, remorse, and redemption. Raymond's character signifies the battle of numerous convicts who are aiming to reintegrate into society after serving their sentence. Most importantly, it makes a subtle declaration about the human capability to alter, to repent, and to apologize with the past.

In spite of its violent and gritty tones, "Out in Fifty" likewise handles to instill caring elements within the story, especially through the character of Raymond. The movie browses the complicated vibrant relationship in between the characters producing a dark yet thoughtful canvas. It presents a brutally honest depiction of life after jail, the social preconception attached to it, and the frequently tough journey of reformation.

On the technical front, the director duo does a good task of maintaining a taut narrative, supported by a skilled cast. The cinematography and editing handle to capture the underlying emotions to a great extent.

On the whole, "Out in Fifty" is a soaking up film that provides fresh, thoughtful point of views on criminal activity, penalty, and eventually, redemption. The gritty plot complemented by intense performances indeed makes it a memorable watch.

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