Over Her Dead Body (2008)

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After his fiancée, Kate, dies in an accident on their wedding day, veterinarian Henry grows depressed. To help him move on, his sister has him visit psychic Ashley and gives her Kate's diary. Ashley uses the journal's details to convincingly deliver the fake message that Kate wants Henry to move on. However, Kate's ghost is watching over Ashley and Henry. Furious when they fall for each other, she vows to sabotage their relationship.

Introduction and Main Facility
"Over Her Dead Body" is a 2008 US romantic-comedy directed by Jeff Lowell and includes an ensemble cast that includes Eva Longoria, Paul Rudd, Lake Bell, Lindsay Sloane, and Jason Biggs. As the title suggests, the plot centers around a ghost, played by Eva Longoria, who attempts to thwart a budding relationship between her fiancé, played by Paul Rudd, and a psychic, played by Lake Bell.

The Plot
On what was expected to be her wedding, Longoria's character, Kate, passes away in a freak mishap involving an ice sculpture. A year later on, Kate's fiancé Henry is still coming to grips with her loss and is yet to carry on. His sister recommends he seek the aid of a psychic to interact with Kate in the afterlife, wishing to provide closure. Though skeptical, Henry yields and schedules a session with psychic Ashley.

Henry and Ashley wind up developing sensations for each other. Nevertheless, their blossoming romance is halted by Kate, who chooses to haunt Ashley. She is identified to stop Ashley and secure Henry from what she believes will just cause distress.

Main Characters and Conflict
Lake Bell offers a warm efficiency as Ashley, a caring psychic who genuinely wants to help Henry through his grief while also competing with emerging sensations. Nevertheless, her relationship with Henry ends up being more complicated, as she begins being haunted by Kate and she is required to come to grips with the horror of being tortured by a dissatisfied spirit.

As for the grief-stricken Henry (Paul Rudd), he is a likable character, unaware of the supernatural participation in his love life. Eva Longoria brings a certain appeal to Kate, portraying her as both spirited and tragic, as she declines to let go of her earthly ties, specifically to Henry.

An essential subplot includes Ashley's unscrupulous catering assistant, Dan, played by Biggs, who is secretly in love with her. He finds Ashley's situation and uses to help, adding complex comic moments to the story, with his love-lorn personality typically manipulated by Kate's ghost.

Conclusion and Ending
Through a complex weaved plot, Kate ultimately understands her control over Henry has actually done more harm than good which she need to let him be happy without her. She recognizes that Ashley truly likes Henry and would never ever harm him, leading her to stop the haunting and offer her true blessing to their relationship.

Dan likewise gets his moment of victory when Ashley reciprocates his feelings, offering a sweet secondary love story to the main plot.

A poignant movie, "Over Her Dead Body" checks out love and loss through a comedic lens, interspersed with the supernatural. It checks out themes of releasing, approval, and real love, revealing that life (and love) need to go on, even after death. The movie captivates with its jocose narrative while imparting a sincere message to the audience.

In essence, "Over Her Dead Body" is a distinct mix of romance, comedy, and ghostly disturbance, showing a struck with audiences who delight in a love story with a ghostly twist.

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