Point of Entry (2007)

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A young woman named Katherine Alden becomes the unwanted victim of her new handsome next door neighbor Caleb, after her and her husband and son moves to a new town for a fresh start from a robbery.

Film Overview
"Point of Entry" is a gripping thriller launched in 2007, directed by Stephen Bridgewater. The film revolves around the lives of a picture-perfect household who all of a sudden ends up being entangled in a web of fear and deceit. The main cast consists of Holly Marie Combs as Kathy Alden, Patrick Muldoon as Michael Alden, and Traci Lords as Brianna Fine, who takes the family's peaceful life on a chilling turn. This compelling narrative exposes the scary possibility of a stranger's fixation.

Plot Synopsis
Michael Alden is an excellent architect with an excellent life: a charming better half Kathy, 2 beautiful kids and a flourishing career. Nevertheless, the tranquility of their lives soon misshapes when Michael works with a relatively sophisticated and charming interior designer, Brianna, to remodel their home. The curse starts when Michael and Kathy discover their intimate personal pictures online, haunting them and exposing their personal lives.

Brianna manipulates her way into the Alden's lives, utilizing her craftiness to commit cyber stalking activities. These acts trigger fear and strain within the family and make use of the 'point of entry' into their intimate lives. Gradually, the obsessiveness routes off the internet to reality as Brianna makes their lives a living headache.

Dispute and Climax
As the film advances, the hazard triggered by Brianna grows, and the household's bonds and trust are pushed to the limitation. Michael and Kathy are put in a defenseless circumstance where they frantically search for aid from law enforcement, online security business, and even private investigators. Unfortunately, they only run into dead-ends or people who mean to benefit from their anguish.

Disappointment grows as they stop working to find the proof needed to find the criminal, who continuously finds new methods to torture and scare them. On the other hand, Brianna grows bolder in her relocations, shift from cyber-stalking to physical intimidation, showing herself an authentic hazard to the Alden family.

In the climax, Michael and Kathy recognize that their nightmare traces back to Brianna, whom they had unwittingly let into their home and lives. They understand that she is the one behind their torture, manipulating them from the very start.

The suspenseful encounter results in a high-stakes climax where the Alden family should confront Brianna. Eventually, Michael and Kathy have the ability to turn the tables on Brianna, decisively beating her and bring back peace back to their lives. Their experience highlights the frightening truth of cybercrime and the extent of threat it can bring into an innocent household's life.

"Point of Entry" exhibits the consequences of failing to secure personal boundaries and private spaces. The exhilarating narrative delves reader into a suspenseful journey, showcasing the struggle of a man to protect his family, their unity in dealing with misfortune, and their durability in conquering it. Overall, it is an edge-of-the-seat thriller that gives the leading edge the imminent risk of cyber-harassment, privacy invasion, and the importance of exercising care on the internet.

Top Cast

  • Holly Marie Combs (small)
    Holly Marie Combs
    Kathy Alden
  • Patrick Muldoon (small)
    Patrick Muldoon
    Caleb Theroux
  • Roark Critchlow (small)
    Roark Critchlow
    Richard Alden
  • Max Burkholder (small)
    Max Burkholder
    Sam Alden
  • Richard Roundtree (small)
    Richard Roundtree
    Miles Porter
  • Traci Lords (small)
    Traci Lords
    Brianna Fine
  • Charlene Tilton (small)
    Charlene Tilton
  • Deren Tadlock (small)
    Deren Tadlock
  • Russell B. McKenzie (small)
    Russell B. McKenzie
    Security Guard
  • Nick Hoffa (small)
    Nick Hoffa
    Sergeant Hempstead
  • Jennifer Gareis (small)
    Jennifer Gareis