Poison Ivy (1992)

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A seductive teen befriends an introverted high school student and schemes her way into the lives of her wealthy family.

"Poison Ivy" is a 1992 American thriller drama movie directed by Katt Shea and composed by Melissa Goddard and Andy Ruben. It stars Drew Barrymore, Sara Gilbert, Tom Skerritt, and Cheryl Ladd. The film follows the story of Ivy, a manipulative teenager who infiltrates a wealthy household and wreaks havoc along the way.

Plot Summary
Sylvie Cooper (Sara Gilbert) is a lonesome teen living in a rich part of Los Angeles with her dysfunctional parents: her alcoholic mom Georgie (Cheryl Ladd) and emotionally distant father Darryl (Tom Skerritt). Feeling separated and desperate for friendship, she befriends Ivy (Drew Barrymore), a charming however struggling girl with a mystical past.

Ivy rapidly ingratiates herself into Sylvie's life, putting on a school uniform to resemble a typical teen and acquiring the trust of her parents. Darryl becomes smitten with Ivy, and Georgie seems to see her as the daughter she wishes Sylvie could be. As time passes, Ivy exposes darker aspects of her personality, participating in promiscuous behavior and an unhealthy obsession with Darryl.

Ivy's Manipulation
Ivy shows her penchant for control as she begins her seduction of Darryl. One day, throughout a rainstorm, she persuades him to take her for a drive in his fancy convertible. As he obliges, she loosens her seat belt and stands, letting the rain soak her clothing. Darryl, visually ecstatic and not able to withstand, pulls the vehicle over and they share an enthusiastic kiss.

Consequently, Ivy's habits ends up being progressively unpredictable, and Sylvie starts to think that her intents may not be totally innocent. Before she can act upon her suspicions, however, Ivy drives a wedge in between Sylvie and her peers at school, pressing her even more into isolation. As Ivy's control over the household grows, she persuades Georgie that her daughter struggles with a personality disorder, causing Georgie to have a mental breakdown.

Ivy's True Intentions
Ultimately, Ivy's true objectives are exposed, as her aim is to usurp Georgie's place within the family. She prospers in having actually Georgie devoted to a psychological hospital, providing her complimentary reign in your house. Ivy then begins an affair with Darryl, even presuming as climbing up into his bed in the evening.

After a confrontation with Ivy in which she confesses that she had no concept who her real family was, Sylvie is deeply surprised, however can't overlook her good friend's criminal activities. Sylvie and her school pals agree to lock Ivy in a deserted building to scare her off. Ivy, nevertheless, is unfazed and continues to try and gain control of her newfound household.

Climax and Conclusion
The tension in between Sylvie and Ivy comes to a head when Georgie, still restricted to the mental health center, jumps from her window in a tried suicide. Ivy's controls lastly become apparent to the Cooper family, and Darryl chooses to confront her and reject her advances.

The climax happens when Sylvie returns house while Ivy climbs a terrace in an attempt to slip into Darryl's room. Sylvie cuts the climbing up vine Ivy was using and the villain plunges to her death.

In the end, Darryl is delegated take care of Sylvie whose physical injuries act as a pointer of her emotional scars from the ordeal. With Ivy's death, the Cooper household's once-familiar presence is forever altered by the havoc she wreaked.

"Poison Ivy" got mixed evaluations from critics, with praise for Barrymore's and Gilbert's efficiencies but criticism for its absence of originality. The movie has considering that ended up being a cult classic and generated three sequels, "Poison Ivy II: Lily", "Poison Ivy: The New Seduction", and "Poison Ivy: The Secret Society". The first follow up stars Alyssa Milano, while the other two feature brand-new, unrelated characters, but all maintain the theme of seduction and adjustment found in the original.

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