Possession (1981)

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A young woman left her family for an unspecified reason. The husband determines to find out the truth and starts following his wife. At first, he suspects that a man is involved. But gradually, he finds out more and more strange behaviors and bizarre incidents that indicate something more than a possessed love affair.

"Possession" is a metaphysical scary film released in 1981, directed by Andrzej Zulawski and starring Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill. The movie combines aspects of psychological horror, drama, and surrealism, and is recognized for its extreme and disconcerting environment, in addition to for its piece de resistances, particularly by Adjani. Set in Berlin during the Cold War, "Possession" checks out the breakdown of a marriage, with the spouse developing a strange, violent behaviour and eventually manifesting a scary improvement.

Plot Summary
"Possession" begins with Mark, played by Sam Neill, going back to his other half Anna, played by Isabelle Adjani, and their child after a strange trip. Mark notifications that Anna has actually become separated and distant, and she eventually asks him for a divorce. Mark is shocked and becomes obsessed with learning the factor for Anna's disinterest, suspecting that she might have a fan.

Anna does certainly have an enthusiast, a peculiar and ominous guy named Heinrich. However, as she starts to act more unpredictably and strongly, it ends up being clear that her problems run much deeper than a simple affair. Surreal and violent episodes ensue, with Anna often left wincing in discomfort and covered in bodily fluids.

The Horror Unleashed: Anna's Transformation
The scary of "Possession" is gradually revealed. As Anna's behaviour ends up being significantly unusual and harsh, it is understood that she is not simply suffering from psychological distress however is undergoing a horrifying transformation. Being taken in by misery and madness, it appears as if she is carrying within herself an unidentified, monstrous entity.

In a particularly revealing scene, Anna is in a deserted train tunnel, where she experiences what seems to be a miscarriage that results in a gruesome, octopus-like creature. This suggestive of the physical symptom of the deep-seated fear, pain, and madness she has been experiencing.

The Conclusion: Explosion and Aftermath
Anna's change ends up being literal when it is exposed that she has generated an actual beast in her house, a monstrous animal that is the personification of her worst and most terrifying feelings. On the other hand, Mark has allied with Helen, a doppelganger of Anna, who oddly doesn't appear to acknowledge the dominating mayhem.

In the climax, Mark confronts the lights and sounds originating from Anna's house, which leads to a surge. The film ends on a surreal note with the disturbing ramification that the monstrous version of Anna's one-time misery has actually endured and may wield apocalyptic power.

"Possession" is an extreme, unnerving movie that combines the psychological and the supernatural in its depiction of a deeply troubled female and the breakdown of her marriage. Its scary comes not from the monster itself however from the psychological and emotional decay of its main character, symbolically represented by the monstrous animal. With devoted efficiencies from its lead stars, it is a remarkable expedition of the human psyche and the depths of individual anguish under the guise of a genre movie.

Top Cast

  • Isabelle Adjani (small)
    Isabelle Adjani
    Anna / Helen
  • Sam Neill (small)
    Sam Neill
  • Margit Carstensen (small)
    Margit Carstensen
    Margit Gluckmeister
  • Heinz Bennent (small)
    Heinz Bennent
  • Johanna Hofer (small)
    Johanna Hofer
    Heinrich's Mother
  • Carl Duering (small)
    Carl Duering
  • Shaun Lawton (small)
    Shaun Lawton
  • Michael Hogben
  • Maximilian Rüthlein
    Man with Pink Socks
  • Leslie Malton (small)
    Leslie Malton
  • Thomas Frey
    Pink Sock's Acolyte