Prey for Rock & Roll (2003)

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Prey for Rock & Roll is set in the Los Angeles club scene of the late 1980s and follows the story of Jacki (Gershon) and her all-girl punk rock band, Clam Dandy. On the verge of turning 40, Jacki decides that if the band's one last shot at the big time is unsuccessful, she will give up her dreams of stardom. Along the way, the women are rocked by personal tragedies that threaten to break up the band before they can get their last shot at success.

"Prey for Rock & Roll" is a critically acclaimed 2003 musical drama movie directed by Alex Steyermark. Adjusted from vocalist Cheri Lovedog's phase play of the very same name, the film narrates the trials and tribulations faced by an all-female punk rock band named Clamdaddy. The band members consist of Greta (played by Gina Gershon), the skilled lead vocalist-songwriter, and her 3 bandmates: Tracy (Lori Petty), Suzi (Shelly Cole), and Punky (Drea de Matteo).

Plot Overview
This movie wonderfully spins a story of sisterhood, loss, and ambition in the crude rock music scene. Greta, who works as a tattoo artist throughout her day task, dreams of making it big in the rock music circuit. Her all-girl punk rock band, Clamdaddy, practices relentlessly in the grungy scene of Los Angeles's late-night clubs while facing personal issues and industry challenges. Greta grapples with her age (having simply turned 40), while Tracy battles drug addiction, Suzi handles her secret sexuality, and Punky tries to overcome the trauma of a current sexual attack that violently thwarts her.

Conflicts and Challenges
Disaster strikes when Punky is extremely assaulted by her boyfriend Burt (Ivan Martin), leading to a terrible turn of events that sees Clamdaddy disbanding briefly. The band manages to recover when Greta avenges Punky's attack and organizes an advantage performance in Punky's honour, which sets the phase for their reunion.

With the success of their performance, the band stimulates the interest of a record manufacturer called Sally (Marc Blucas) who offers them a record offer. However, it features a significant price - Greta would have to part ways with her bandmates and sign as a solo artist. Torn between commitment to her good friends and attaining her dreams, Greta rises to the celebration by picking integrity over popularity. She rejects the deal and proclaims, "I 'd rather be a has-been than a never-was", verifying her status as a rock & roll survivor.

Significance and Reception
"Prey for Rock & Roll" is a poignant narrative about the extreme truths of the rock music industry and female empowerment amidst misfortune. The film acts as a tribute to all ladies who dare to participate in a male-centric realm and decline to worship patriarchy or trade their ethics for fame. It presents a raw and reasonable representation of the battles experienced by women in the music industry - where talent frequently takes a backseat to marketability.

The film resonated with audiences and critics due to outstanding efficiencies by its cast - specifically Gina Gershon, dramatic story-telling, and a buzzing punk-rock soundtrack. The soundtrack includes real-life hard rock anthems and original tunes penned by Lovedog herself, offering credence to the credibility of the band's journey. 'Prey for Rock & Roll' continues to be recognized as a significant contribution to the 'rockumentary' genre, clarifying the trials of bands attempting to make it in the cut-throat music market.

Top Cast

  • Gina Gershon (small)
    Gina Gershon
  • Drea de Matteo (small)
    Drea de Matteo
  • Lori Petty (small)
    Lori Petty
  • Shelly Cole
  • Marc Blucas (small)
    Marc Blucas
  • Ivan Martin (small)
    Ivan Martin
  • Eddie Driscoll (small)
    Eddie Driscoll
  • Ashley Eckstein (small)
    Ashley Eckstein
    Punk Rock Girl
  • Shakara Ledard (small)
    Shakara Ledard
  • Texas Terri
  • Sandra Seacat
    Jacki's Mom