Racing with the Moon (1984)

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In a small coastal California town, Henry and Nicky are pals from blue collar families with only a short time before they ship off to World War II. Henry begins romancing new-to-town Caddie Winger, believing her to be wealthy. Mischievous and irresponsible, Nicky gets into trouble which forces the other two to become involved, testing their relationship, as well as the friendship between the boys.

Film Overview
"Racing With The Moon" is a poignant coming-of-age film from 1984 directed by Richard Benjamin. The movie script is written by Steve Kloves and it includes a captivating story set versus the background of World War II. The film features noteworthy performances from Sean Penn as Henry 'Hopper' Nash, and Nicholas Cage as Nicky, his best friend, with Elizabeth McGovern playing the leading female role, Caddie Winger.

Plot Summary
The story is set in 1940s small-town California and focuses on the life of recent high school graduates and childhood best friends, Henry Nash and Nicky. Both good friends have actually been drafted and are set to ship out to serve in the Marines Corps during World War II in six weeks, representing a looming transition and the approaching truths of aging and experiencing war.

As they invest their staying weeks enjoying their freedom, Henry falls for a strange and advanced young woman named Caddie Winger, unbeknownst to him that she works as a telegraph operator, and not from a wealthy household as he presumed.

Conflict and Resolution
The conflict of the story pertains to the leading edge when Nicky gets his girlfriend pregnant and remains in immediate need of money for her to get an abortion. He plans to contend in a pool game with a large prize money, but both Henry and Nicky lack the abilities to win. For that reason, they persuade Caddie, who is a talented swimming pool player, to play in their place without revealing the real reason why they need the cash.

This plan does not go well. Nicky's lack of honesty leads to his girlfriend breaking up with him and Henry revealing the real reasons behind the pool video game to Caddie, resulting in the two of them ending their relationship.

Overall Message and Conclusion
Ultimately, "Racing With The Moon" is a moving expedition of the intricacies of teenage years and the discomfort of maturing. It weaves a coming-of-age tale filled with love, relationship, deceptiveness, and loss, leaving its main characters at the precipice of adult life and war.

At the end of the movie, Henry and Nicky reconcile their friendship, Henry and Caddie heal their relationship prior to Henry leaves for the war, promising to write to her, and Nicky, sad from his recent breakup, occurs to enlist too. The film concludes with an aggressive tip of the inevitable reality of World War II.

Cast Performance and Direction
From the cast, Sean Penn and Nicholas Cage deliver charming efficiencies, showing well upon the psychological turmoil of their characters. Elizabeth McGovern is equally excellent showcasing a complicated character with grace and depth. Director Richard Benjamin represents the narrative, environment, and era successfully, maintaining a balance in between war's stark realities and the vibrant innocence of the characters.

In conclusion, "Racing With The Moon" is a tale of young love, relationship, choices, and the truths of war. It's a poignant, heart-touching movie that successfully records the audiences' attention and feelings.

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