Red Clover (2012)

Red Clover Poster
Original Title: Leprechaun's Revenge

An evil leprechaun who has been imprisoned within the roots of a majestic old oak tree, is accidentally set loose on St. Patrick's Day. Once free, he takes out his bloody revenge on the descendants of the people who originally imprisoned him.

Title: Red Clover
Red Clover, also referred to as Leprechaun's Vengeance, is a 2012 horror/ suspense TV movie directed by Drew Daywalt. The film features a series of chilling occasions that occur in the aftermath of erroneously letting loose a malicious, mythical leprechaun in a town.

The plot mainly revolves around a girl called Karen O'Hara, depicted by Courtney Halverson, who stumbles upon a supposedly 'fortunate' red clover while out on a march with her intoxicated father Pop O'Hara, played by Billy Zane. Unidentified to her, she frees an ancient demonic leprechaun that was caught in its roots by the townsfolk 66 years back.

In an awesome twist, the leprechaun takes revenge on the ones who trapped him by bringing death upon the town. The animal follows a set pattern, leaving dead victims' bodies with their faces turned into horrific caricatures of Irish stereotypes. He kills a single person at sundown every day, counting down to the last massacre set up to occur on Saint Patrick's Day.

The dispute constructs when Karen, blamed for the deaths after she sets the leprechaun complimentary, takes the lead in their objective to stop the threat. She relies on her father, the town's Sheriff, despite their stretched relationship, to rally versus time and gather the town's folk to destroy the menace that is the blood-thirsty leprechaun. Out of desperation, they rely on a weird hunter, called Hamish, played by William Devane.

The climax occurs as they try to record the leprechaun to reverse the curse. They ultimately succeed by imprisoning him back with the power of red clover and Irish folklore, a plot intricately woven into the story's structure.

Main Characters
Apart from Courtney Halverson and Billy Zane, the movie also stars William Devane as the archaic hunter Hamish and Azure Parsons as Maria, Karen's buddy. Billy Zane's representation of a reluctant single papa and Halverson's of a determined child adds psychological depth to the scary tale. The quintessential horror aspects mix well with the rich Irish folklore illustrated in the movie.

Critical Reception
The film, despite its eccentric plot, was gotten fairly well by its target television audience who valued the distinct representation of the leprechaun lore. Nevertheless, it gathered criticism for its foreseeable storyline and lack of depth in characters.

In conclusion, 'Red Clover' is a riveting tale that blends scary with mythology, featuring a demonic and fatal leprechaun on a killing spree. The movie hones in on styles of local superstitious notion, folklore, and family relationships set against the backdrop of a small town in jeopardy. The battle against time to rid the town of its ancient curse kept the audience on edge till the very end. It's a must-watch for those who delight in a pinch of Irish mythology in their horror watching.

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