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Overbearing mom, Jackie, travels cross-country to be with her son, Angelo, after he drops out of college to become a surfer. She meets a surf instructor who convinces her to try to accept her son's wishes and allow him to follow his dreams.

"Ride" is a 2014 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Helen Hunt. The film is fixated the premise of personal change and redemption through unanticipated life experiences and difficulties. The major functions are played by Helen Hunt herself, Luke Wilson, and Brenton Thwaites.

The story starts with the protagonist Jackie (Helen Hunt), a prideful single mom and New Yorker, who is likewise revealed as an effective editor of 'The New Yorker.' Her relationship with her son Angelo (Brenton Thwaites) is disrupted when he chooses to stop college and follow his dreams of becoming a web surfer in California, against his mother's measured and safe life plans for him.

In her compulsive requirement to control her only kid's life, Jackie follows Angelo to California and attempts to deter him from pursuing his newfound enthusiasm for browsing. Nevertheless, in California, the city lives to a completely various beat, producing a modification in Jackie's perception.

Characters and Development
Jackie's life takes a sharp, unanticipated turn after she satisfies a captivating surf trainer, Ian (Luke Wilson). He exposes Jackie to the thrills of surfing, hence expanding her too anthropocentric view of life. The characters in "Ride" are represented dynamically, showcasing a development arc in the storyline. Jackie's character evolves from a nervy control-freak to an individual who can value the spontaneity of life and its mysteries. This is shown through her liberating experience learning to browse.

Angelo's character is vital in activating this transformation in Jackie's life, his decision to terminate college symbolizes a rebellion versus the bought course set by his mother. Interaction with characters like Ian and Ramon (depicted by Carlos PenaVega), Angelo's roomie, aid offer a contrasting free-spirited values that impacts Jackie deeply.

"Ride" checks out numerous styles. One is the autonomy of the individual; it shows how everybody can pursue what they consider suitable for themselves-- a conflict particularly appropriate in parent-child relationships. Another noteworthy theme is the transformative power of nature. Surfing, a popular meditative pursuit, represents disconnection from the hustle of city life and the attempt to find oneself by lining up with the splendour of the ocean.

The movie likewise insists on how essential it is to leave control sometimes, to give up and simply 'ride.' It shows how good it can be to take an unintended path and surrender to the carefree unpredictable appeal of life.

"Ride" is a delightful film checking out the voyage of self-discovery, the change catalyzed by unforeseen scenarios, the hitches in life that cause wonders, and celebrating the splendid unpredictability of life. The movie magnificently echoes the belief that welcoming the unknown can lead to an unexpected fulfilment and a renewed understanding of life while likewise casting a contrasting outlook on parenting and personal liberty. Although it begins as a comedy-drama of a control freak single mom, the film concludes as a saga of liberation and self-discovery-- making it a must-watch.

Top Cast

  • Helen Hunt (small)
    Helen Hunt
  • Brenton Thwaites (small)
    Brenton Thwaites
  • Luke Wilson (small)
    Luke Wilson
  • David Zayas (small)
    David Zayas
  • Elizabeth Jayne Stillwell (small)
    Elizabeth Jayne Stillwell
  • Robert Knepper (small)
    Robert Knepper
  • Leonor Varela (small)
    Leonor Varela
  • Callum Keith Rennie (small)
    Callum Keith Rennie
  • Julie Dretzin (small)
    Julie Dretzin
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    Jay Russell
    Maitre 'D
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