Rivers 9 (2015)

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When a Native American casino controlled by the mob begins to destroy a close-knit rural town, a band of lovable low-tech misfits hatch a plan to beat them at their own game by pulling off an audacious casino heist.

Introduction to "Rivers 9"
"Rivers 9" is a 2015 action comedy film that focuses on a group of mismatched people who come together to withstand a corrupt gambling establishment owner in their village. The movie is directed by Chris W. Freeman and Justin Jones and boasts an ensemble cast consisting of Vinnie Jones, Elisabeth Röhm, and Thomas Downey. The story pivots around components of camaraderie, gaming, and vengeance, with a mix of humor and action.

Plot Overview
The quiet town of Allendale is shaken up when a greedy gambling establishment owner, Cosimo, begins to bend his muscles over the local population, wielding both power and impact. When his exploitation reaches excruciating levels, affecting the livelihoods of the townspeople, a regional guy named John Rivers steps up to combat back. He can no longer stand by as his friends and neighbors are bullied and decides to orchestrate a break-in aimed at bringing justice to the town.

John Rivers, together with his friend Rob, begins putting together a diverse group to perform a strategy to rob the gambling establishment. The group makes up a diverse mix-- each member has a specific ability essential for various parts of the break-in. They include a martial arts professional, a magician, a mechanic, a casino worker, and others, each with an individual factor to get back at Cosimo.

Styles and Character Interplay
At its core, "Rivers 9" is a tale of resistance versus oppression and the strength of community. It delves into the classic David versus Goliath battle, showcasing how normal people can rise versus outright abuse of power. The movie juxtaposes the bleak scenario of the townspeople under Cosimo's guideline with the warm sociability and quirky interactions of the group led by Rivers.

There is a constant interplay within the group's dynamics as they face a myriad of challenges that test their willpower, skills, and willingness to trust one another. The humor injected into the film keeps the atmosphere light, despite the high stakes and moments of tension. Each character, with their unique persona, includes depth and relatability to the film's story.

Action and Comedic Elements
"Rivers 9" is structured around comedic moments flawlessly tied together with action sequences. While the planning and execution of the gambling establishment heist form the core of the story, it is the way in which the strategies go awry and how the team adjusts to these missteps that add to the general humor.

The acts of preparation, the break-in, and the ensuing turmoil are crafted with enough thriller and comedic relief to keep audiences engaged. Regardless of having a minimal spending plan, the film manages to deliver a reasonable share of excitement and laughs, mainly thanks to the energetic performances of its cast members.

Conclusion and Critique
"Rivers 9" intends to entertain by combining action with comedy, using the classic style of great vs. wicked in a modern-day context. While it does not break new ground in cinematic terms, with a fairly formulaic plot and character development, it does provide a sense of complete satisfaction in seeing the underdog attempt to outsmart an unfair bad guy.

The movie has some foreseeable plot points, and the low-budget nature of the production displays in particular constraints. However, its heart and humor are evident. "Rivers 9" might not be a mainstream hit, however for fans of break-in movies and those trying to find a light-hearted film with a sense of justice and community at its center, it provides a welcoming if not particularly extensive escape.

Top Cast

  • Vinnie Jones (small)
    Vinnie Jones
    Ray Kaplan
  • Jamie Kennedy (small)
    Jamie Kennedy
  • C. Thomas Howell (small)
    C. Thomas Howell
    Sheriff Quentin
  • Elisabeth Röhm (small)
    Elisabeth Röhm
    Grace Rivers
  • Thomas Downey (small)
    Thomas Downey
    Jake Rivers
  • Kayla Carlyle
    Skye Rivers
  • Neil Brown Jr. (small)
    Neil Brown Jr.
    Virgil Dobbs
  • Leslie Easterbrook (small)
    Leslie Easterbrook
  • Ed O'Ross (small)
    Ed O'Ross
  • Adrian Kirk (small)
    Adrian Kirk
  • Joan Blair (small)
    Joan Blair
    Sue Wanders