Road to the Lemon Grove (2019)

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A deceased Sicilian father, has one last outrageous mission in store for his son - spread his ashes in the lemon groves of Sicily, reunite two feuding families, discovering the heart and soul of who he really is.

Film Overview
"Road to the Lemon Grove", provided by Real to Reel productions and directed by Dale Hildebrand, is a heartfelt Italian-Canadian movie launched in 2019. The film's witty, linguistically varied and cultural story provides a heartfelt and amusing journey through the Italian-Canadian experience. The intriguing blend of truth and fantasy develops a captivating plot that ensures audience engagement throughout the movie.

Main Plot and Characterization
The film focuses around Calogero (Charlie), an underachieving, out of work teacher and devoted son, played by Charly Chiarelli. He is at odds with his Sicilian father, Leo - played by the very same actor in a dual function, which is intricately checked out in the narrative. The character of Leo showcases Sicilian stubbornness and love for his homeland even after his death. He persuades Charlie to take his ashes back to the household's lemon grove in Sicily and wait from being taken over by designers intending to construct a hotel complex over it.

Supporting Characters and Subplots
Alongside Charlie and Leo, there's another pair of finished immigrant family members, Zia Nonna (played by Nick Mancuso) and Rosalia (played by Loreena McKennitt), who provide added layers of humor, dispute, and depth to the story. Different subplots unfold, showing a romance and a mission in which the hero must find his roots in order to recognize his true self.

A Blend of Reality and Fantasy
"Road to the Lemon Grove" is striking for its creative interplay between truth and the spirit world. It includes aspects of wonderful realism - the capability for characters to speak with spirits from the 'other side.' This enhances both the movie's ebullient humour and supplies a platform for much deeper philosophical exchanges about life, love, and one's roots versus one's present reality.

Cultural Icons and Linguistic Diversity
Including Canadian singer-songwriter Loreena McKennitt and distinguished comic Beppe Grillo, the film boasts cultural icons. The movie effectively makes the audience browse through English, Italian, and Sicilian dialects, providing an interesting reflection of the hybrid linguistic code that often identifies immigrant realities.

Styles and Messages
This movie is abundant in providing multiple messages. Amongst them are ideas on the struggle between aspiration and tradition, identity dispute, the significance of one's cultural heritage, and immigrant experiences. The script elegantly links these messages with humor and love, preventing it from ending up being preachy while keeping viewer engagement.

Visual and Cinematography
The film uses lovely visual breathtaking shots, showcasing the picturesque charm of Sicily and making fascinating visual effects. The scenic appeal and the accompanying soundtrack provide a sense of charm and nostalgia associated with the Italian/Sicilian countryside.

In conclusion, "Road to the Lemon Grove" effectively captures the Italian-Canadian experience, mixing humor, drama, and love. The motion picture provides a psychological journey towards discovering cultures, identities, and reconnection with roots. It's a well-balanced cinematic mix of fantasy and reality, assisting us understand the cultural amalgamation of the immigrant experience. Further, it's an affirmation of customs, love, and the significance of cultural preservation in a significantly globalized world.

Top Cast

  • Burt Young (small)
    Burt Young
    Zio Vincenzo
  • Rossella Brescia (small)
    Rossella Brescia
  • Nick Mancuso (small)
    Nick Mancuso
  • Charly Chiarelli
    Calogero / Antonio
  • Loreena McKennitt (small)
    Loreena McKennitt
    The Voice of God
  • Tomaso Sanelli (small)
    Tomaso Sanelli
    Young Calegero
  • Tara Shelley
    Flight Attendant
  • Kenton Blythe
    Video Student
  • Chantelle Wilson
    Wellfare Lady
  • Gino Raimondo
    Dr. Moricio Pescari
  • Allan Turner (small)
    Allan Turner
    Worker's Compensation Worker