Rudyard Kipling's Mark of the Beast (2012)

A modern film adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's original short story.

Film Overview
"Rudyard Kipling's Mark of the Beast" is a horror film directed by Jonathan Gorman and Thomas Edward Seymour, released in 2012. The movie was influenced by the famous Rudyard Kipling short story, which checks out elements of East Indian supernatural folklore and revolves around a British colonial who insults a leper priest and suffers a frightening curse in return. Produced individually, the movie integrates components of horror, suspense, and drama to create a captivating narrative that both agitates and captivates its audience.

The film sets in colonial India and opens with an Englishman named Fleete who, during a New Year's Eve celebration, recklessly desecrates a temple by stamping out a spiritual flame and drinking greatly, subsequently angering a leper priest. The furious priest retaliates by touching Fleete, marking him with a curse - a mark of the monster - that puts both his body and mind in great peril. The curse transforms Fleete into a monstrous, blood-thristy animal throughout the night.

Battle and Transformation
Fleete's pals, Strickland and Devinsky, notification Fleete's improvement and quickly understand the consequence of the curse. In their desperation to conserve their beleaguered friend, they tirelessly study ancient scriptures and folklore to find a way to raise menstruation. Fleete, in his cursed state, is condemned to life as a nocturnal beast, intimidating and causing mayhem in the town.

The suspense builds as Strickland and Devinsky dive deep into ancient Indian mystical practices to save Fleete. At the same time, they handle to capture the leper priest and require him to raise the curse. However, this does not come without sacrifice and torture.

Technical Aspects
From a technical point of view, "Rudyard Kipling's Mark of the Beast" is a low budget plan movie, yet it manages to create an enchanting narrative primarily through its impressive storytelling, acting, and cinematography. The picturesque Indian landscape includes a gorgeous background to the chilling tale, enhancing the haunting atmospheric tone of the film. Regardless of its minimal budget plan, the film exhibits remarkable effort and imagination, holding its own versus a number of its contemporarily launched horror films.

Vital Reception
The film was met blended evaluations upon its release. While some applauded its special story and effective representation of scary, others pointed out the restraints of its low budget plan, which they felt limited its technical quality and general effect. Regardless of the blended reception, one can not reject the talent and creative insights of the directors and stars who worked towards bringing to life a cooling and mysterious narrative influenced by Kipling's classic story.

"Rudyard Kipling's Mark of the Beast" represents an intriguing blend of thriller, drama, and horror that reminds us of humanity's innate fear of the unknown and unexplainable. Leveraging a distinct story and providing an extreme and frightening character representation, the movie draws the viewer into a world where superstitious notion and brutality reside hand in hand. Despite its budget plan restraints, the movie jobs a charming yet scary atmosphere that leaves a powerful and long lasting impression.

Top Cast

  • Debbie Rochon (small)
    Debbie Rochon
  • Ellen Muth (small)
    Ellen Muth
  • Margaret Rose Champagne
  • Sheri Lynn
  • Thomas Edward Seymour