Safe Harbor (2006)

Detective Carly Segan,( Tracy Gold), is investigating the Satanic murders of young women who all seem to have one thing in common... their time at a place called 'Safe Harbor'. Little does Joe Avery, her partner know, that she too has her own history with 'Safe Harbor'. As her past begins to unravel Carly is torn between two loyalties, should she trust her heart or trust her instincts.

Movie Run-throughs
"Safe Harbor" is a 2006 American television movie directed by Mark Griffiths and composed by Jerry Jameson. The movie revolves around the inspiring real-life story of a couple, Doug and Robbie Smith, played by Brad Johnson and Nancy Travis respectively, who transform their lives and a run-down marina into a home for troubled teenage kids.

Plot Overview
Retired from careers as merchant sailor and legal representative, Doug and Robbie Smith relocate to Florida for a peaceful, serene life on a secluded, yet lovely, marina. However, their lives take a significant turn when they cross courses with a group of homeless kids living under the pier nearby. The couple's deeply nurturing nature surface areas, leading them to make some life-changing decisions. Moved by the kids' plight, they change their retirement into an objective to supply shelter, safety, and love for these misdirected and broken youth.

Setting and Character Development
The story unfolds in picturesque Florida, mainly around the run-down marina which ends up being a sanctuary for the kids. A shabby ship named "The American Pride" in the marina acts as a metaphor for the kids - deserted and breaking down but full of potential.

Doug is portrayed as a stringent disciplinarian with a kind heart, who imposes a set of rules to bring structure and discipline into the lives of the young boys. Nevertheless, he's not simply committed to providing a safe house for these troubled souls; he's also proactive in their rehabilitation, teaching them vital skills like sailing, which imbues them with self-confidence, self-confidence, and obligation.

Robbie, on the other hand, balances Doug's rigorous nature with her caring and understanding character. She presumes the role of a nurturing mother figure that a number of these young boys have never ever known before.

Key Themes
"Safe Harbor" flawlessly traverses themes of love, redemption, acceptance, and the power of second possibilities. It illuminally illustrates how the couple's devoted efforts gradually cause the change of not simply the marina and the ship, however the lives of the young boys too. The film emphasizes the power of empathy, understanding, and assistance in forming a favorable future for youth who have actually had a troubled past.

Despite a series of challenges including legal battles, financial restrictions, and the boys' psychological trauma, Doug and Robbie soldier on with unwavering commitment to their cause. They discover tremendous benefit in seeing the positive improvement in the lives of these adolescents, a lot of whom they direct towards achieving a High School diploma, and leading successful lives thereafter.

"Safe Harbor", through its inspiring narrative, provides audiences a check out the profound impact that enjoy and care can have on the lives of those who urgently require it. The movie acts as a heartening pointer of the essential goodness in humanity and the power of dedication to change lives for the much better.

Top Cast

  • Tracey Gold (small)
    Tracey Gold
    Carly Segan
  • Steve Bacic (small)
    Steve Bacic
    Sam Wyatt
  • Mitchell Kosterman (small)
    Mitchell Kosterman
    Joe Avery
  • Daryl Shuttleworth (small)
    Daryl Shuttleworth
    Lt. Neal Munroe
  • Pamela Perry
    Olivia Wyatt
  • Stacy Grant (small)
    Stacy Grant
    Julia Thorpe
  • Scott Heindl (small)
    Scott Heindl
    Ray Oakum
  • Lucia Walters (small)
    Lucia Walters
  • Jody Racicot (small)
    Jody Racicot
    Daz Cobair
  • Lisa Skinner
  • Elizabeth Smyth
    Carly's Mother