Satan’s Triangle (1979)

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The female survivor of a shipwreck and two Coast Guard helicopter pilots sent to rescue her find themselves trapped in a mysterious part of the ocean known as Satan's Triangle.

"Satan's Triangle" is a 1979 made-for-television scary suspense thriller directed by Sutton Roley and composed by William Read Woodfield. This American supernatural movie, broadcast on ABC, stars Kim Novak, Doug McClure, and Alejandro Rey in principal roles. The film draws much of its thriller from its nautical theme, the Bermuda Triangle secret, which had actually been a popular principle throughout the 70s.

"Satan's Triangle" is designed around a rescue operation in the magical Bermuda Triangle understood for inexplicable events. The plot unfolds as the U.S. Coast Guard aircraft reacts to a distress call from a sinking yacht, 'Recondite.' Rescue personnel Lt JG 'Pilot' Haig (Doug McClure) goes down to conserve the lone survivor Eva (Kim Novak), a strange, seductive female with a startling secret. Priest Father Martin (Alejandro Rey), who was onboard the cruising yacht, is discovered dead along with other team members, all dealing with natural deaths. Stranded amidst the ocean's impulses and terrible weather condition, Haig and Eva are left to unwind the mysteries of the doomed ship, its crew, the devilish priest, and the notorious Bermuda Triangle.

The film's central styles are fear, supernatural entities, and mythology related to the Bermuda Triangle. The focus stays on the mysterious and terrible series of occasions that baffle both the rescuer and the saved. With no rational and scientific base to what transpires, the styles of fear and supernatural scary become noticable. Eva's beauty and captivating temperament add a layer of love and mystery, making her character an enigma. The climactic twist including Eva's real identity keeps the audience on edge throughout the film.

Kim Novak's representation of Eva, with a subtle, extraordinary mystique and sensuous beauty, stands out in the film. Doug McClure, as Pilot Haig, skillfully represents a devoted rescue operative, an unsuspecting victim who walks into a web of offensive scary. The supporting cast also delivers commendable performances, adding to the general chilling effect of the movie.

"Satan's Triangle" managed to capture audiences' attention and make a favorable audience reception with its suspenseful storyline, the spooky secrecy of the Bermuda Triangle, and impressive efficiencies by Novak and McClure. Regardless of being a TV movie, it created substantial interest and later earned a cult following among those who valued suspense and supernatural horror.

To conclude, "Satan's Triangle", with its interesting plotline revolving around the enigmatic Bermuda Triangle combined with a dose of supernatural horror, supplies a remarkable look for thriller fans.

Last Verdict
"Satan's Triangle" is a motion picture that commands concentrated attention due to its suspenseful story and strong efficiencies. Its reliable intertwining of reality with unexplained supernatural events keeps the audience engrossed till the very end. The conclusion, with its unforeseen twist, leaves an enduring impression on viewers, making "Satan's Triangle" a movie deserving of its chilling enigma.

Top Cast

  • Kim Novak (small)
    Kim Novak
  • Doug McClure (small)
    Doug McClure
    Lt. J. Haig
  • Alejandro Rey (small)
    Alejandro Rey
    Father Peter Martin
  • Ed Lauter (small)
    Ed Lauter
  • Jim Davis (small)
    Jim Davis
  • Michael Conrad (small)
    Michael Conrad
    Lt. Cmdr. Pagnolini
  • Titos Vandis (small)
    Titos Vandis
  • Zitto Kazann
  • Peter Bourne
    Swedish Captain
  • Hank Stohl
    Coast Guard Capt. Dunnock
  • Tom Dever
    Miami Rescue Radio Officer