Scorched (2003)

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Three mischievous employees of a bank in a small deserted town all make plans to rob it at the same time, however none of them knows about the others.

Film Overview
"Scorched" is a fantastic comical break-in film launched in 2003. Directed by Gavin Grazer with characters brought to life by stars such as Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, John Cleese, and Rachael Leigh Cook, the movie delivers humor and suspense in equivalent measure. Its plot focuses on a series of prepared break-ins by staff members at the exact same bank, all unaware of each other's intents to steal on the exact same night.

Main Plot
The story of "Scorched" revolves around three teller at Desert Savings Bank, each preparing their respective break-ins unaware that their coworkers have comparable objectives. First, we have Sheila Rilo (Alicia Silverstone), a teller who was dumped by her partner, the bank's manager, for a younger woman. Second is the character of Stu (Paulo Costanzo), an eco-activist planning to take money to avoid a tower construction that threatens the habitat of a types of owls. Last but not least, there's Woods (Woody Harrelson), a good-natured person intending to get back at an impolite and big-headed client who treats him and others inadequately, a wealthy business owner called Charles Merchant (John Cleese).

Increasing Action and Climax
Charles Merchant, the bank's biggest customer, is extensively disliked for his pompous and rude attitude. This makes him the ideal target for teller Woods's plan. Woods plans to rob Merchant's safe, not for individual gain however to teach him a lesson on humility. Meanwhile, Stu, the novice lender, misinterprets an overheard conversation and thinks the bank is getting sold. The eco-activist, in a quote to save endangered owls, decides to steal money to avoid a building and construction job.

All At Once, Sheila Rilo finds her partner, who also occurs to be the bank's supervisor, has actually dumped her for a more youthful female. In a revenge-fueled strategy, she chooses to embezzle the bank to get back at him. The comedy hits its peak when these people, each with their hilarious, not-so-perfect plans, collide.

Conclusion and Resolution
Honestly, none of the break-ins go as prepared. Sheila's strategy or revenge on her ex gets hindered by an unanticipated encounter with Woods. Stu mistakenly traps himself inside the bank while attempting to execute his strategy. Woods, trying to rob Merchant, winds up saving an abducted man (Gavin Bristol) instead. On the other hand, Merchant is dealing with his saggy pants problem.

The different storylines lastly link, and the result is a series of comic misadventures spun wonderfully together in funny turmoil. The banker, in love with an unconcerned Sheila, ends up covering for everyone at the bank to make sure no one gets into trouble, connecting the several narrative threads nicely into a humorous conclusion.

General Impression
"Scorched" presents an amusing and revitalizing take on the timeless break-in storyline. Its distinct plot twist with several celebrations planning crimes at the same rely on the same night guarantees laughs throughout. What makes the movie more interesting is not the planning of the break-in, however the misadventures and subsequent resolution of each character's mess. The layered story with its comedic overtones and the charming characters make "Scorched" a memorable comedy of errors.

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