Seems Like Old Times (1980)

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Writer Nick Gardenia is kidnapped from his California cliffhouse and forced to rob a bank. Now a fugitive, he seeks help from his ex-wife who is now a public defender and has remarried — to a prosecutor.

"Seems Like Old Times" is a 1980 American funny film directed by Jay Sandrich, composed by Neil Simon, and starring Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase, and Charles Grodin. The movie is a perfect blend of funny and love set around a chaotic and funny plot. The movie showcases a complex, knotted love triangle that checks out styles of commitment, love, and the thin line in between legality and morality.

Plot Summary
The protagonist, Nick Gardenia (Chevy Chase), is an author who suddenly gets abducted by 2 bank burglars. Against his will, he is required to rob a bank. As he becomes a fugitive trying to prove his innocence, he looks for assistance from his ex-wife, Glenda Parks (Goldie Hawn), who is a criminal defense lawyer. This is where the story takes an unique twist - Glenda is now married to Ira Parks (Charles Grodin), the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

Nick comes to their house seeking aid and shelter. In spite of their marital status, Glenda enjoys both guys in various ways, developing a love triangle. Glenda accepts help Nick while attempting to hide him from Ira. The situation unfolds comically as she tries to keep Nick a secret while playing the ideal person hosting to an upcoming supper party with the governor.

Characterization and Performance
In "Seems Like Old Times", Chevy Chase delivers a funny efficiency as the down-on-his-luck Nick, easily showcasing his comic timing and charming existence. Goldie Hawn shines as Glenda, a woman torn between her existing other half and ex-husband. Her excellent performance adds depth and heat to the convoluted love triangle. Charles Grodin stands out as the obedient and somewhat unstable Ira, whose world gradually unravels amidst the chaos.

Themes and Direction
Scripted by the acclaimed playwright Neil Simon, the movie explores complex human relationships, undeniable attraction, and commitment against the background of a comical story. The film's beauty is more amplified by Jay Sandrich's direction, which draws out eccentric character behaviours within uncommon scenarios, making the story both interesting and amusing.

Crucial Reception
"Seems Like Old Times" was typically favored by critics and audiences alike for its amusing script, wonderful efficiencies, and sentimental appeal. While it might not dive deep into the characters' emotional intricacies, it offers a completely amusing cinematic experience defined by its light-hearted funny and romantic elements. The chemistry in between the lead actors is particularly appreciated, as it brings a distinct essence to their onscreen relationships.

Eventually, "Seems Like Old Times" provides audiences a wonderful blend of humour, love, and fond memories within a non-traditional narrative. Filled with misunderstandings, mix-ups, and Neil Simon's special wit, it is a film that continues to amuse audiences even years after its release. Highlighted by excellent performances, the movie encapsulates an era of funny where high jinks and humour worked together with strong characters and engaging storylines.

Top Cast

  • Goldie Hawn (small)
    Goldie Hawn
    Glenda Parks
  • Chevy Chase (small)
    Chevy Chase
    Nick Gardenia
  • Charles Grodin (small)
    Charles Grodin
    Ira Parks
  • Robert Guillaume (small)
    Robert Guillaume
  • Harold Gould (small)
    Harold Gould
    Judge John Channing
  • George Grizzard (small)
    George Grizzard
  • Yvonne Wilder (small)
    Yvonne Wilder
    Aurora De La Hoya
  • T.K. Carter (small)
    T.K. Carter
  • Judd Omen (small)
    Judd Omen
  • Marc Alaimo (small)
    Marc Alaimo
    Bee Gee
  • Bill Zuckert (small)
    Bill Zuckert
    Gas Station Attendant