Sex Lives of the Potato Men (2004)

Sex Lives of the Potato Men Poster

Two lowlifes with active fantasy sex lives deliver potatoes to various restaurants and grocers.

Movie Summary
Sex Lives of the Potato Men is a British funny film, released in 2004, which stirred much controversy due to its explicit material. Directed by Andy Humphries, the movie showcases the life of 2 best friends, Dave and Freddie, who work as potato shipment males in Birmingham, England.

Plot Synopsis
Dave and Freddie's lives focus on drinking beer, delivering potatoes, and looking for a pleasurable sex life. Dave, separated with two kids, desires his ex-wife while wholly stopping working to be a dad figure. Freddie, on the other hand, is Dave's polar reverse; he gladly lives the bachelor life and is relentlessly on his pursuit of sexual conquests.

Their lives take a significant turn when Tania, a sexual thrills-seeking lady, relocates next door. Her obsession with sex intrigues Dave and Freddie, making them a lot more desperate in their quest for sexual satisfaction.

Main Characters
Dave, played by Johnny Vegas, works as among the protagonists. He portrays a downtrodden, separated father who is fighting with both his parenting duties and the sexual aggravations in his life.

Freddie, played by Mackenzie Crook, is Dave's buddy and fellow potato shipment guy. He is a womanizing bachelor continuously searching for sexual experiences.

Tania, played by Lucy Davis, is the sexually daring next-door neighbor who moves into Dave and Freddie's area. Her sexual escapades work as a catalyst for the chaos and craze in Dave and Freddie's lives.

The questionable material and specific humor of the movie drew polarizing responses from audiences. While some valued the bold humor and unique story, others criticized the movie for its indiscretion.

Upon its release, the film stirred a heated argument about its funding. Offered its specific material, there was criticism surrounding the truth it had been partially funded by the UK Film Council, a public entity. Critics argued that the movie was not the very best representative of British humor or British movie theater as the council's funding was expected to promote.

Sex Lives of the Potato Men is a film that braves the typical conventions of comedy by concentrating on the sexual disappointments and adventures of 2 middle-aged potato shipment males. It showcases an unconventional lens into the daily lives, as well as the sexual fascinations, of these two typical males. Earning just under ₤ 90,000, the film's reception was largely adverse, with specific criticism targeted at its storyline and humor. Regardless of the backlash, the film established itself as a controversial and distinct addition to British funny cinema.

Top Cast

  • Mackenzie Crook (small)
    Mackenzie Crook
  • Johnny Vegas (small)
    Johnny Vegas
  • Dominic Coleman (small)
    Dominic Coleman
  • Mark Gatiss (small)
    Mark Gatiss
  • Lucy Davis (small)
    Lucy Davis
  • Julia Davis (small)
    Julia Davis
  • Kate Robbins (small)
    Kate Robbins
  • Helen Latham
    Chip Shop Girl
  • Nick Holder (small)
    Nick Holder
  • Caroline Harvey
    Chip Shop Woman
  • Nicholas Tennant