Shadow Puppets (2007)

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Director Michael Winnick's chilling tale stars James Marsters as Jack, one of eight captives who awaken in an abandoned asylum not knowing who they are or why they are together. They discover that they've been used in an experiment to erase disturbing memories, but instead, a murderous creature has been unleashed. Reaching out from the shadows, the monster hunts the eight strangers as they race to escape the asylum.

Released in 2007, "Shadow Puppets" is an intense mental thriller/horror film directed by Michael Winnick. The story centers on 8 people who wake with no memory of who they are or how they ended up in a spooky, isolated center. They quickly discover a sinister force at work, utilizing their shadowy fears as lethal weapons. The film stars Jolene Blalock, Tony Todd, James Marsters, and Marc Winnick among others.

The whole film happens inside an unidentifiable, deserted center where a group varying in race, age, and gender, awaken locked inside different rooms. The opening sees Jack (James Marsters) who finds Kate (Jolene Blalock) and together they join up with the rest of the group, consisting of Staci (Natasha Alam), Dave (Marc Winnick), Charlie (Diahnna Nicole Baxter), Cole (Tony Todd), and a couple, Tucker (Richard Whiten) and Amber (Jennie Ford). Each of them has no idea who they are or why they're there, and they all struggle with amnesia.The group is not able to remember their pasts or how they wound up in the facility, but they are identified to figure it out.

Discovery and Threat
As they comb the location attempting to leave, they find that they aren't alone. Rather, they are most threatened by their own shadow 'puppets', which can eliminate them instantly. These shadowy figures come to life from the darkness and take the shape of individuals they are available in contact with. The group understands that to make it through, they should prevent the shadows at all expenses.

Mission for Survival
Throughout the film, they attempt to resolve the secret of why they're there while attempting not to come down with the shadow puppets. They battle for their lives while searching for ways to restore their memory as fear and stress heighten to intolerable extremes. The truth of their terrifying situation is linked to their forgotten pasts, without which they can't comprehend the threat they are dealing with.

The Unraveling Mystery
Ultimately, they start remembering their previous lives and discover that they are in fact patients going through a medical behavioral psychological experiment conducted by two doctors. The task was indicated to cure their numerous mental injuries, however it took a disastrous turn when the experimental treatment hallucinogens had a horrifying consequence. They likewise find out that a strange complete stranger called Max lags their dilemma. Max has actually magnified their job's side-effect by trapping them in this facility where their shadows come to life and end up being lethal.

Climax and Resolution
The climax results in a battle for survival as a 'medical professional' equipped with a killer antidote, methodically hunts them down one by one. The group makes an effort to confront Max, resist their shadow fears, and escape the sinister facility. In the end, just Jack and Kate make it out alive, meaning a possibly enthusiastic yet unclear ending.

In general, "Shadow Puppets" wasn't a business success but was normally applauded for its unique principle of manifesting one's worry into reality. Although some slam it for falling brief in character advancement, the movie does use a fascinating review on the desperate lengths people will go through to challenge their individual injuries.

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