She's No Angel (2002)

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A drama and thriller story of a young woman who has suffered great abuse as a girl and who finds happiness when in a car accident, by mistake, she finds refuge in a false personality. She allows a pair of grieving parents to believe she is their late son's wife. But happiness is not so easy, since the past always comes out and Catherine will have to act to protect the family who has given so much affection.

Film Overview
"She's No Angel" is a 2002 drama composed by Cyrus Nowrasteh and directed by Rachel Feldman. This mystical film follows the protagonist, Liddy Carlyle (Tracey Gold), who is involved in an auto accident leading to amnesia. She ends up being a various individual altogether as the past she has forgotten is not as innocent as it seems.

The film begins with Liddy Carlyle and her partner Geoffrey (Kevin Dobson) associated with a car accident. Liddy awakens from the mishap with retrograde amnesia, unable to answer any concerns about her past. She relocates to a valley in California and tries to start a brand-new life, using up the job of bookkeeper at a regional hotel. Liddy's hubby files a missing individual's report but is unable to find her. During this period, the audience is slowly introduced to Liddy's previous life as a manipulative woman who had various extramarital affairs.

Liddy's New Life
Life in California takes an intriguing turn for Liddy. She fulfills a popular and decent business person, Raymond "Ray" Colton (Mark Humphrey), who is drawn towards her. Ray welcomes her to move into his home, which even more puzzles Liddy about her past. On The Other Hand, Detective McGill (Bruce Kirby), who examines Geoffrey's missing persons report, reveals Liddy's past and begins cautioning the people in her brand-new town.

The Unforgivable Past
Liddy's previous overtakes her when her partner lastly finds her in California and confronts her about her misleading deeds of the past. The encounter, however, does not restore Liddy's memory, leaving her to face the allegations of a life she does not remember. Love and forgiveness do not come easy for Liddy as she faces hostility and suspicion from those she deceived in the past.

Resolution and Conclusion
The climax of "She's No Angel" sees Liddy finding her real identity and confessing the insincerity of her past actions. At first, it appears difficult for her to reconcile her present self with her previous actions. Nevertheless, she makes the effort to modify and redeem herself in the eyes of the people of her past.

Meanwhile, her relationship with Ray is put to evaluate as he discovers her past. Ray's initial disappointment gives way to comprehending as he motivates Liddy to apologize with her hubby and previous life. The film ends on a hopeful note of redemption, forgiveness, and second chances, stressing the virtue of one's actions over their past misdeeds.

Hidden Themes
"She's No Angel" has fun with styles of identity, deception, and redemption. It challenges the idea of fixed identity and considers if one's past actions always define their future. Can a brand-new life eclipse a stained past? Can the people she when hurt forgive her, given her amnesia as her past? These questions keep the audience engaged throughout the motion picture, leading to a climax providing the power of redemption and the possibility of modification.

Top Cast

  • Tracey Gold (small)
    Tracey Gold
    Liddy Carlyle
  • Kevin Dobson (small)
    Kevin Dobson
    Donald Shawnessy
  • Dee Wallace (small)
    Dee Wallace
    Maureen Shawnessy
  • Jeffrey Meek (small)
    Jeffrey Meek
    Jackie Furst
  • Cameron Bancroft (small)
    Cameron Bancroft
    Jed Benton
  • Terri Hoyos (small)
    Terri Hoyos
  • Michelle Jones
    Catherine Shawnessy
  • Nathan Anderson (small)
    Nathan Anderson
    Sean Shawnessy
  • Ann Walker (small)
    Ann Walker
  • Seamus Dever (small)
    Seamus Dever
  • Boris Cabrera