Shutter (2008)

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A newly married couple discovers disturbing, ghostly images in photographs they develop after a tragic accident. Fearing the manifestations may be connected, they investigate and learn that some mysteries are better left unsolved.

"Shutter" is a 2008 horror movie directed by Masayuki Ochiai and produced by Roy Lee, Doug Davison, and Takashige Ichise. The film is a remake of the 2004 Thai film of the exact same name and includes a cast including Joshua Jackson, Rachael Taylor, and Megumi Okina. The story centers around a young couple who come across a series of supernatural events linked with their past.

Plot Summary
The plot of "Shutter" follows a newly wed couple, Benjamin "Ben" Shaw (Joshua Jackson) and Jane (Rachael Taylor), who relocate to Tokyo for Ben's task as a fashion photographer. While driving on a dark roadway, they hit a lady who appears in the road out of nowhere. When they stop to inspect, they find no trace of the female, and Jane is persuaded she eliminated her.

As Ben starts working with his old buddies, Jane begins seeing ghostly figures in their pictures, particularly in Ben's expert ones. She starts to investigate it and finds a troubling secret-- the ghostly figure is that of a woman named Megumi, who was when in a relationship with Ben.

The Enigma of Megumi
Megumi Tanaka, played by Megumi Okina, was a shy translator deeply in love with Ben, who declined her love. Unable to bear the strength of her feelings and rejections, Megumi takes her own life, resulting in her presence as a cruel spirit. Jane discovers that Megumi's spirit is haunting them due to this previous baggage and tries to reconcile with Megumi to put the haunting to rest.

The Unfolding Drama
The haunting magnifies with Megumi causing psychological torture on the couple. She targets Ben particularly, triggering him to experience dreadful visions and physical pain. Ben scornfully dismisses the concept of being haunted by Megumi, though he too starts experiencing uncommon incidents. The film reveals Ben's participation with Megumi showing that Ben and his friends had non-consensual relations with her, which resulted in her suicide.

As Jane discovers the shattering fact about Ben's past, she ends up being disillusioned with him. In the last scenes of the film, Megumi's ghost attacks Ben, who later ends up in the health center. Despite the attempts to apologize and seek forgiveness, Megumi's spirit continues to haunt Ben. The film concludes with the insinuation that Ben is delegated live out his staying days being haunted by Megumi's spirit.

Last Thoughts
"Shutter" is a chilling tale of revenge and guilt that uses supernatural components to check out the consequences of past actions. Though mainly a horror movie, it weaves in aspects of mystery and thriller categories as the dark past of the main characters gradually unravels. The movie records a sense of cultural displacement felt by the couple in Tokyo, alongside their personal anguish, to deliver a truly stressful story.

Top Cast

  • Joshua Jackson (small)
    Joshua Jackson
    Benjamin Shaw
  • Rachael Taylor (small)
    Rachael Taylor
    Jane Shaw
  • Megumi Okina (small)
    Megumi Okina
    Megumi Tanaka
  • David Denman (small)
    David Denman
  • Eri Otoguro (small)
    Eri Otoguro
  • John Hensley (small)
    John Hensley
  • Maya Hazen
  • James Kyson (small)
    James Kyson
  • Yoshiko Miyazaki (small)
    Yoshiko Miyazaki
  • Kei Yamamoto (small)
    Kei Yamamoto
  • Daisy Betts (small)
    Daisy Betts