Sight Unseen (2009)

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A trusting detective is drawn into an elaborate murder plot by a beautiful femme fatale.

"Sight Unseen" is a 2009 film directed by John Covert and stars Angus Macfadyen, Mark Sheppard, and Amy Smart. The movie integrates genres like mystery and drama to check out styles of vision, memory, and reality. The plot focuses on the mysterious circumstances of an artist's wife's disappearance and his battle to separate between reality and his altered perceptions due to lost memory.

The plot of "Sight Unseen" starts with prominent artist Thomas Story, portrayed by Angus Macfadyen, awakening from a coma following a traumatizing car accident. The crash led to him losing his sight and likewise resulted in his other half Helen, played by Amy Smart, going missing under unexplained circumstances. As Story has a hard time to come to terms with his loss of sight, he finds he has acquired an unusual ability- he can see individuals's innermost emotions as colors.

Main Characters
Story plainly remains the centerpiece of this movie as he tries to gain back control of his life, browse his new world, and solve the mystery that he feels is connected to his spouse's disappearance. Helen, the wife, is an important catalyst to the plot as her existence just exists through Story's fragmented memories and periodic voiceovers. Detective Dwight Faraday, played by Mark Sheppard, supports Story with the examination, regardless of suspecting him as the possible perpetrator. The relationship in between Faraday and Story grows dynamically, which functions as an engaging subplot.

"Sight Unseen" is not merely a mystery-thriller but also a deep expedition of the styles of sight, truth, memory, and perceptions. The concept of 'sight' here is metaphoric and is represented as a way to visualize feelings and truth. Story's vision of people's feelings as colors adds an intriguing layer to his character and to the motion picture's plot. The director also highlights the subjectivity of memories and the understanding of truth as it is generally based upon memories and personal perceptions, for this reason adding layers of obscurity to the plot.

The film gathered varying responses from critics and audiences alike. Many admired it for its unique take on the concepts of sight and memory, while some found the non-linear narrative structure confusing. The efficiencies by the lead set, particularly Macfadyen, were praised by lots of, as was the director's capability to preserve thriller throughout the film.

In conclusion, "Sight Unseen" is a gripping mental drama that makes an intriguing expedition into the relationship between understanding and neutrality. While it might not have actually left an indelible mark at the box office, it did leave a lasting impression on its audiences for its conceptual depth and narrative experimentation. The film eventually positions the concern about whether it's better to deal with an uneasy fact or in a reassuring illusion.

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  • Tracey Gold (small)
    Tracey Gold
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    Laura Mennell
  • Jerry Wasserman (small)
    Jerry Wasserman
    Detective Richard Walker
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    Josh Acres
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    Detective Leo Patterson
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    Detective Mike Corland
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    Dr. Lillian Foster